Chapter 14 – Weapon Shop and Armour Shop

Leaving the guild, I firstly went towards the weapon and armour shop.
The two shops were built next to each other, and were ran by brothers.

The elder brother sells weapons, while the younger sells armour.

Actually I’m bothered by the appraisal results, but I’ve again come to know that I am weak just now in the guild.
As such, I prioritised getting my equipment in order.

Fortunately, there was an extra income and I also sold the materials for a high price.

「Good afternoonー!」

First I visited the weapons shop owned by the elder brother.

「Oh, if it isn’t Myne, my boy. You’re as lively as usual!」

Actually I visit this shop quite often.
I used a dagger when I hunted for game like rabbits, but no matter what maintenance is necessary.
Even though I do as much as I can, no matter what I can’t carry out repairs.

At that time, I will rely on this shop. Furthermore, my father also had a good relationship with this shop. (TLN: Basically the shopkeeper.)

「Is today also for the dagger’s maintenance?」

「No, today I want to buy new weapons……」

As I said that, he showed a greatly surprised expression.

「Not for dismantling but weapons used to battle? Will you be alright?」

Asking me with a worried face, it makes me happy.
Since he doesn’t know about my skills, this kind of reaction is natural.

「Yes, it’s because I received a skill when I came of age! I even defeated an orc yesterday」

「O, Orc, you say!? You soloed it by yourself!!!!?」

I’ve been told by the onii-san at the alchemy shop.
Orc is a monster hunted by C-ranks.

Well, anyone’d be surprised.

「It’s true! Look at this」

As I said that, I handed over about 200g of orc’s meat to oji-san.

「This orc meat, is today’s share!」

To tell the truth, my father was very indebted to this weapon shop-san and armour shop-san, and shared a portion of the prey he caught with them.
I also shared prey with them, though it was only rabbit meat.

I’ve always given him rabbit, so I felt bad, but…… will he accept this, I wonder?

「Amazing, you really did hunt an orc……」

As oji-san said that, he looked fixedly, over and over at the meat I gave him.

「……Thanks, for giving me something so delicious. So, weapons was it? What do you need? Is it a dagger after all?」

「Yes, that’s right. If you have a good dagger I would like to see it.」

「Okay, what’s your budget?」

「If it’s okay I would like two daggers with a total of 10 gold coins or below.」

Oji-san nodded and said I see, went inside the back of the shop to bring out the goods.
After about 5 minutes, he returned.

「Take a look at this one」

As he said that he showed me a steel dagger.
At first glance, it looked like a normal dagger…….

Name: Steel Dagger + 12
Attack: + 30
Grade: High
Attribute: None
Strong against: Humanoid

Hmm? What’s this +12 attached to the name.

「It may look ordinary, but this fellow cuts terribly well. There are times when a skilled blacksmith is striking the equipment and in the middle it shines with a rainbow colour, and those who show such a phenomena will without a doubt display a special sharpness. And this is that exceptional dagger」

I see, the + was definitely attached when it shone.
What is the 12 though.

Oji-san continued his explanation.

「However, there seem to be a difference in sharpness among the shining weapons…… but I guarantee this fellow’s sharpness.」

Oh, it looks quite good.
But what is this special attack? Oji-san didn’t explain this though…….

Since oji-san doesn’t have Appraisal, he can’t see this detail.
That’s why, he surely doesn’t know, I think.

「Yes, this looks good! How much is it?」

Oji-san made a happy expression as his recommended dagger was complimented and answered.

「Hmm, it’s originally 12 gold coins, but you have a budget…… 8 gold coins’ll be enough.」

He decreased the price by 4 gold coins!? Is it okay, I wonder……. Even though I’m happy, I feel anxious. Oji-san will be losing money.

「I’m really glad but…… is it okay? Oji-san.」 You’ll be losing money, you know?」

As I said my worry, oji-san immediately looked blankly at me and laughed out loudly.

「Uhahahahahaha, boy, a kid like you shouldn’t be worrying about an adult」

「……Thanks, oji-san」

As I said my thanks, he was a little embarrassed and pointed at a shelf behind the counter.

「As for the other one, choose the one you like from that daggers shelf, any one of them’s better than the one you use for dismantling.」

As I was told that, I looked at the shelf.
I tried appraising them and they definitely look the same.

Hm, wait…… somehow a strange one is mixed among them.

Name: Dagger of Origin
Attack: + 10
Grade: None
Attribute: Growth
Strong against: None

What is this, it seems strange…….
It’s pitch black from the blade to the grip but it doesn’t seem to be different from the other daggers.

Even so, I am curious about something.
It has a weird name, and I don’t know what’s the meaning of the growth attribute.

Uun, since it’s not much different from the others, I’ll choose this.

「Oji-san, I’ll choose this. How much is it?」

「Hou, 60 silver coins will be good.」

I paid oji-san for the both the daggers, and expressed my gratitude.

「Thank you for the fine goods! I’ll cherish it」

「Yeah, don’t do the impossible okay boy? After all you can’t do anything if you’re dead」

Next is the armour shop.

「Good afternoon!」

The younger brother is already married, only his wife is at the counter.

「Ara, Myne-kun, good afternoonー! That dagger, by any chance did you buy it from brother-in-law?」

「Yes! Oji-san sold me excellent goods! And this is the usual thanks!」

As I said that, I handed the orc meat to the wife, and she was very surprised but immediately smiled sweetly.

「Amazing, it’s orc meat! Thanks for always, Myne-kun」

「No no, well then, I’ve want to buy a set of leather equipment but…… can I buy a complete set with 10 gold coins?」

As I said that, the wife put a finger to her lips, and thought about it.

「Un, we’ve been indebted to Myne-kun……」

As she said that, she took out a set of equipment.

「Up until now, Myne has been using rabbit leather armour, right? This is Black Wolf leather armour, so I think the defence will be considerably increased」

A, amazing!? Black Wolf leather armour, is equipment used by C-ranks and above!?
It is definitely unreasonable for 10 gold coins.

「Eh? How much is it? I don’t have that much of a budget……」

「10 gold coins will be enough, it looks really neat but it is a second-hand. Because it has never been used even once for some reason, and was returned to us.」

I’m curious about this “reason”, but if she says that…… is it okay?

I thanked the onee-san, and paid for the equipment.

Yosh, with this, I’ve prepared both weapons and armour.

Let’s return home and think about the appraisal results.

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  1. Since he can Cut&Paste from Appraisal results… That means he can do it to weapons as well, yes? So he might be able to transfer attack stats, abilities, attributes… Dear God….

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  2. Since I know little to nothing about the Logic behind it… 特攻:人型 — 特攻 as described by goo 特別に編制して攻撃すること。– But I still can’t make odds or ends of it… But I think it could possibly mean that it works especially well against Humanoids or that it’s better used by Humanoids… Sorry, not much of a help this time around


  3. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    So his dad is at least a middle rank hunter.. that saved the town or at least saved the butcher, alchemist, and blacksmith brothers.. they might be an old teammate of his dad?


    • I don’t think so. Or at least it’s only a little part of it. It seems like his father was not a normal citizen in town. From my deduction the people in town are looking after Myne, so my guess is that his parents died protecting the town.
      Not to forget Myne is a proper and polite person. I think most young people who loose their parents will fall into despair not knowing how to survive on their own and fall into criminal activities. These people are impressed by Myne and how he made a living after becoming an orphan.


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