Chapter 13 – The Receptionist Lady’s Thoughts

There might be a few minor mistakes here and there since my Japanese is not exactly fluent yet but… enjoy! (The info dump that is)

「Has Myne-kun returned?」

The guild leader called out to me as he came across me.

「Yes, just now……. Since there was the incident with Hyold, I won’t say that it went perfectly, but one way or another the adventurer registration was completed.

「I see, good work. However, it has been a long time but you’ve become an exclusive receptionist lady, huh? Even though you rejected the high rank adventurers’ request.」

I had immediately volunteered when they were talking about assigning him with an exclusive receptionist as an apology.
It is true that until now, I had chances to become famous adventurers’ exclusive receptionist.

Even if it seems like this, I pridefully believe that I can do my job.
Previously I had capitalised on my experience as a B-rank adventurer, and I think I also obtained trust from the adventurers.

Probably because of that, there had been quite a lot of adventurers who requested for me to become their exclusive.
However, none of them resounded in my heart, and I rejected all of them.

Among the ones that I rejected were as the guild leader said, a few high rankers.

For the adventurers, having an exclusive receptionist lady is a huge honour, it is one of the goals besides raising one’s rank.
There are a great amount of adventurers who have high ranks but no exclusives.

That’s true, since the number of receptionist ladies are overwhelmingly less compared to adventurers.

For the receptionist ladies, becoming exclusive to high rank adventurers have high merits regarding wages and free time.

There are also girls who dream of becoming exclusives to high ranked adventurers, going out with them and then getting married.
And if I remember correctly, there have been many girls who got married in the past.

Therefore, receptionist ladies want, even if a little, to become exclusives to good adventurers, there is no need to give agreement.

Because of that, cases like me who reject high rank adventurers are considerably rare.

It think it is natural for the guild leader to feel strange when I took up being Myne-kun’s exclusive.

「That’s right, honestly even I myself was surprised. Since I never even dreamt of becoming an exclusive receptionist.」

「I see, then why’d you accept?」

「……Let me see, if there was a reason, it would be him protecting me from Hyold’s attack using his body, but the main reason is probably a “woman’s intuition”」

Yes, it’s unreliable, but I accepted to become Myne’s exclusive in accordance with my own intuition.
With a relatively excessive polite attitude in aiming to become an adventurer, the strength of his heart, protecting me when he knew I would be hit, the depth of his thoughts when he was pondering on inquiring before registering in the guild. (TLN: Kill me now. @_@)

Above all else, when I saw that kid for the first time, my whole body felt something like an electric current.

When that something accumulated, I reflexively raised my hand.
He will definitely become a famous adventurer, so I had thought.

「I see, whatever then. You better properly support him as an exclusive.」

Saying only that, the guild leader went back to his office.
I think he was definitely caring about Myne-kun.

By the way, the work of an exclusive receptionist lady, when the exclusive adventurer isn’t here, is to give assistance and deal with work as usual such as during busy times.

However, in that situation, a red sign saying 『Exclusive』 will be put up at the reception counter.
In the case where this red sign is put up, when the adventurer the receptionist lady is in charge of comes to the guild, if she is in the middle of dealing with someone, other staff will change with her.

Understanding this, because of the lining up there aren’t many disagreements.
But, naturally, or rather because of this line of work with many ruffians, once in a while there are some who ignore that and create disputes over it.

In such situations, the guild’s staff who specialise in fighting scenes will promptly deal with it.

When there are no ordinary reception work to help out with, they obtain the acknowledgement from the guild leader for reserving requests suitable for the ability of the adventurer the receptionist is in charge of, acquiring information and others.
If the adventurer one is in charge of plays an active role, a big bonus will be added into the wages, so they will work frantically.

In addition, the guild’s receptionist ladies adopt a 10 person system.
5 people will be in charge of the teller window as Tellers, and five will be auxiliary personnel called Stagehands.

The Tellers and Stagehands will be on rotation.
Stagehands will aid the tellers, working when the tellers are resting.

Naturally, when one of them becomes an exclusive receptionist lady, there will be a vacancy among the ten.

In such a situation, immediately a receptionist lady who is cancelled exclusive will fill this vacancy.
The cancelled exclusive is called a Waiter, and when the Tellers and Stagehands are taking their break, they will follow-up for them.

By the way, if the adventurer the exclusive receptionist lady is in charge of dies due to unforeseen circumstances, or if the adventurer stops being one, the exclusive is naturally cancelled.
Precisely because it is a work involving life and death, cancellation of exclusive is a real thing and happens quite often.

In the case where the receptionist who has their exclusive cancelled cannot be adjusted into the vacancy, there will be a reselection.
Guild receptionists are only for women, because the job is extremely popular, recruitment will be quickly settled.

Though, the replacement will often be finished by Waiters, so there aren’t many newcomers.
「Now then, since I don’t think Myne-kun will come today, maybe I’ll help out with the reception」

Putting the red sign in an available counter, as I sat on the stool, the adventurers I am familiar with came crowding.

「Aisha-chan, is it true you became an exclusive!?」

「Yes, it’s true. I don’t think he’s coming here anymore today though」

「What’s with that!? Even though you rejected me when I requested…… Why to the newbie who registered today!」

He is Lyle-san, a C-ranked adventurer who I had previously rejected to become an exclusive.
Well, it’s true that we have to come to an understanding…… I probably have no choice but to say it honestly.

「……Hmm, if I had to give a reason, it’s my intuition」

As I said that, Lyle-san trembled and his face turned bright red.

「Are you saying that that guy is more promising than me?」

「It’s a little different from promising though…… Are you not pleased with that?」

「……Yeah, I’m not pleased with that. Very.」

Saying that, he turned his back to the counter and walked out from the guild.

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  1. So basically…she fell in love at first sight? XD

    Also, that guy is about to do something VERY stupid that gets all his skills stolen~ XD


  2. Typo:
    none of themresounded in my heart, -> none of them resounded in my heart,

    Lyle will be the troublemaker because of his jealousy and got beat up by Myne for sure. Thanks for the chapter.


  3. Just realized the truth. This lady is a shota lover and none of the brusque manly adventurers fit her taste but as soon as she saw our young mc she wanted him for herself. Bet you she asks him to call her onee-chan.

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    • It’s not about shota, she said in previous chap that other adventurer are rough people that like drunkard in our world. Will u like one of those bunch when their just boasting their achievement and rude or brute not like myne that after have etiquete more polite than before
      thansk for chap anyway


  4. “Above all else, when I saw that kid for the first time, my whole body felt something like an electric current.”



  5. Ahahaha, and the receptionist already accidentally made him an antagonist. Was Aisha’s age ever mentioned? :p I notice quite a number of these OP main character novels like to turn the receptionist lady into a crazy shotacon after a while xD


  6. Waiter, Exclusive, Tellers and Stagehands… Author-san, i didn’t understand what you were trying to say here and I’m not sure you will ever mention this ever again. Why did you bring it up to begin with?
    Oh well, I’ve never seen any author putting so much work into a rotation system for guild receptionists so let’s hope it won’t just be some trivia info that will be forgotten with time.

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat. (^_^)/


    • The exposition spells out in detail just how important it is when an adventurer is assigned an exclusive receptionist.

      She has been taken out of the pool and will earn more if “her” adventurer does well.

      Most of the time it is just “Hi, you’ll always deal with me” and no explanation of why so much importance is placed on the assignment.


  7. Welp, it had to be the “random female falling for the MC” trope. Here I was hoping she or guild master had appraisal and had him figured out.

    Also, so much info-dump just to say the exclusive reps become secretaries. That and introduce a new random baddy.


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