Chapter 13 – Slime Reminisces his Meeting with his Daughter

Because of the Seven Sins Religion, the seal of the evil god within this place is weakening.


Thus, Nikola left for town in order to inform them of the current situation, while the Hime-miko, Elesia, and the Enlight of 【Magic Arts】, Orphe, are putting their powers together to strengthen the seal.

Elesia is imbuing her 【Purification】 powers into the formation Orphe made.


It is impossible to restore the seal to perfect condition after it has been unravelled.

The divine tool vital to the seal has been destroyed, and on top of that, Elesia’s 【Purification】 powers has been more or less exhausted by the heretics.


However, they can still buy some time. The time they buy will be absolutely essential.

Nikola went to the capital to call for the knights. Whether they can make it or not will greatly affect the outcome.

Fortunately, they have been gathering their military since yesterday in order to save Elesia, so there should be quite a few of them who can respond quickly to this emergency.


I watched over the two of them attentively.

As a substitute for the tool, Elesia drew some of her blood and poured it on the formation Orphe had constructed. Immediately, the blood casted a dazzling light as it flowed through the formation.


「Orphe-sama, the first phase is completed. As expected of the Enlight of 【Magic Arts】. To be able to construct such a splendid formation for the seal, your nickname isn’t just for show」

「I did all I could. This will probably last for a day. Let’s descend after seeing how it goes for a while」


Orphe called Elesia by name, and went back to her usual tone.

The way she talks to her when they’re alone together is like how she did in the past.

I miss the times when Elesia stayed with us.


「If only I didn’t get kidnapped, this wouldn’t have happened……」


Said Elesia, frustrated.


「It’s their fault, not yours. There’s nothing you could have done, since those guys could even defeat the knights escorting you」


Orphe consoled Elesia, but she herself hasn’t calmed down.

She’s most probably scared of the evil god. The scar in her heart isn’t small.

Orphe lost her home to an evil god.

Elesia too noticed Orphe’s abnormal mood, so she looked at Orphe worriedly and started talking.


「Orphe-sama, if you don’t mind, please tell me about your past. I’m a little curious about what the man said. He mentioned that Orphe-sama’s birthplace was destroyed…… Of course, please don’t feel compelled into telling if you don’t want to」


Orphe smiled wryly.

She then looked up at the sky as she started narrating.


「It’s okay if it’s you, Elesia-chan. You might have heard that us Enlight sisters were adopted by Otou-san when we lost our own homes and families. We were all alone then」


That’s right. The five sisters, Orphe, Nikola, Shimazu, Helen, and Leona, they were all alone, with not even a single friend nor family. All of them had their hometowns destroyed.


「You know. All of us didn’t just lose our parents…… we all have really sad pasts」

「Is it really possible for all five of you to be like that?」


Well, the chances are usually very low. However, the Great Sage Merlin Enlight isn’t just any ordinary person.


「Well, Otou-san was dispatched whenever situations where the country cannot deal with by themselves occur. The country’s very last trump card was Otou-san. That is why the places Otou-san usually travel to are places where despair and lament taint the very air itself. Those places were where he picked us up. Naturally, we experienced that very despair ourselves」


It is extremely probable for events that can shake the whole country to occur around these kids who possess abnormally tremendous talents.

In order to strengthen them until they are able to fight against their own destinies, I took them in and bestow upon them that power.

And thus, I who wasn’t able to save these kids, have to atone as well.


「Us sisters were really terrible when we first arrived at the mansion. I cried for a whole day, and Nikola couldn’t trust a single soul, and shut herself up inside her room, unwilling to talk to anyone. Shimazu-nee-san hurt herself, trying to commit suicide, and Leona’s eyes looked hollow, as if she was but a broken doll. Helen-nee-san arrived way before we did, so I’ve only heard stories, but it seems that every single day, she came up with plans to destroy the world」


It’s just a funny story now, but back then, they were really troublesome.

It’s pretty much a miracle that they admire me as much as they do now.


「Because of that, all of us are grateful to Otou-san, and the bonds between us sisters are stronger than diamonds. Ah, I’m sorry, I digressed」

「I don’t mind, I’d like to hear everything about Orphe-sama」

「Let’s get back on topic. I was originally the eldest daughter of the wind-keeping elves who are tasked in protecting the seal. I was a miko, just like you. My blood too contains the power of purification…… Well, it’s now corrupted, and can’t function as one anymore」


Orphe laughed, as if mocking herself.


「Were you a part of the Wind Keepers?」

「Yes. We were eyed by the Seven Sins Religion. They are trying to revive the seven evil gods sealed by the sages of old, and remould the world. They then approached the village, wanting to destroy the seal containing one of the evil gods, Satan of 【Wrath】」

「……It’s just like this village. This village has been secretly protecting the seal containing Beelzebub of 【Gluttony】. I as the miko had to strengthen the seal with my blood once every year. I heard that the seal had become loose, so I hurried here…… but they used me instead」


I knew that this village housed 【Gluttony】.

Beelzebub, the embodiment of 【Gluttony】, eating up every single thing.

Using the Hime-miko’s blood, the seal was kept sturdy and up until now, the evil god was not regarded as dangerous.


「Those guys were pretty clever with their methods. That’s why Elesia-chan shouldn’t feel guilty over it. It was the same for me」


The tragedy which struck the whole tribe of wind keepers.

The assault was planned meticulously.


「My biological father’s younger brother, Oji-san, wanted his son to become the leader of the village. At first, he tried to marry me to him, but I rejected him, and things went wrong. Some people then approached him, and Oji-san was invited into the Seven Sins Religion. Those people then brought wine made by humans which the elves had never seen before, food, and beautiful clothes into the elf village. Otou-san thought that it seemed suspicious so he tried to drive them out, but many elves fell for the things the humans had brought in, and on top of that, Oji-san was becoming more and more influential. In the end, most of the elves became his supporters. They then drove Otou-san out, saying that they didn’t need his old troublesome ways」


To the elves who never cared about the outside world, hunting and living a modest, but boring life, the culture that the humans brought in was like opium to them.

Soft, white bread and tasty meat raised only to satisfy taste buds. Unbelievably good wine. Beautiful clothes and fluffy beds.

It’s hard to fight against the charm of all those luxuries.


「At first, the humans gave all of those to them, but one day, they started to demand payment. When the elves said that they don’t have money, the humans would start demanding for other things. Sealing equipment, information, ancestral lands. By the time the elves realised, the village was all empty and all of it was basically taken over by the humans. The elves, immersed in the human culture, had even lost their will to fight…… and the seal they have guarded for a thousand years was easily broken」

「What a vicious method」


Even if they tried destroying the seal with their military might, the elves are not pushovers. It wouldn’t have gone well.

However, if they employed such a method, they can take over slowly but surely.


They then got the return for their investment. I’ve heard that in the end, the elves were even handed narcotics, and wishing for more luxuries, they even sold their children.

Elves are pretty, and won’t look old even if they age. They can be sold for extremely high prices.


「The evil god sealed was Satan of 【Wrath】, the strongest among the seven gods. Even now, I can still see his figure in my dreams. A devil larger than mountains, with horns of a bull on his head, and as soon as the seal broke, it shouted and used its magic. With just a single spell, the whole village was consumed by flames. At that moment, I scraped up an unbelievable amount of power. I who was just a kid, defended against an evil god’s power, but that was all I could do. The whole village was reduced to cinders. All the elves were burnt to ashes, not even a single trace of them could be found. I was alone. After destroying the village, the evil god sucked up everyone’s soul. At that time, I thought that if I die, I will be with everyone again, so I desperately chased after the evil god who was heading towards another town」


The strongest evil god, Satan of 【Wrath】.

With just one move, everyone within the village was reduced to ashes. Nobody would have believed that a little girl could defend against that power.

However, Orphe did.

She’s better than me, but only in【Magic Arts】.


「The evil god destroyed many other towns, one by one. The army couldn’t even make a dent in it…… Everyone fell into despair. It was then that Otou-san appeared. He was really amazing. He was on par with the evil god. Tears streamed out of my eyes as I watched the fight. It was so beautiful. For such magic to exist. I want to use magic like that too. I was thinking that as I watched. Thinking back, it was quite funny. I forgot everything, my enmity, my wish to die. I was enchanted by it…… However, Otou-san couldn’t win. There’s a limit to Otou-san’s stamina, energy and magic power, but the evil god had none of that」

「Wait a minute. Orphe-sama. What happened to the evil god them? What happened to it if even the Great Sage Merlin Enlight couldn’t defeat it?」


Orphe smiled.

She then put her hand to her chest.


「It’s right here. Otou-san couldn’t defeat the evil god. However, as long as there is a medium, he will be able to seal it away. The ritual equipments were all gone, and even the land used to seal it had been destroyed. There was only one vessel that can be be used to seal the evil god of 【Wrath】. And that vessel was me, the miko of the Wind Keepers. Fufu, it’s funny, isn’t it. Thanks to me who chased after the evil god, wanting to die, the world was not destroyed, and I, too, was saved」


Yes, the evil god of 【Wrath】 was indeed too strong.

There wasn’t even anything left to seal it.

Just when I had all but given up, a girl who looked out of place within the battlefield was watching our fight with sparkling eyes.


The battlefield had been devastated by magic power, with magic that could eliminate entire armies raging about. The destruction that was occurring could even cause natural disasters. In such a place, a girl had been unconsciously protecting herself as she stared at me.

The first time I saw that, I trembled. Such monstrous talent…… The worst-case scenario could be avoided if I use her powers.

Feeling conflicted, I then placed a heavy responsibility on her, using her miko’s sealing powers to save the world.

Even now, within Orphe’s heart lives the evil god of 【Wrath】.


「What if Orphe-sama dies?」

「When that happens, the evil god of 【Wrath】 will probably be revived. Actually, one of my research is focused on figuring out how to prevent the evil god of 【Wrath】 from appearing even if I died. There’s some progress. If I feel like it, I can use the evil god’s powers. Nobody knows this other than my family members. To the public, it was Otou-san who defeated the evil god. I’m telling you this only because you’re family, Elesia」

「You are telling me such an important thing!? If the public knows, Orphe-sama will be aimed at by everyone, you know?」

「Elesia-chan won’t tell a single soul. On top of that, you are like my little sister. ……I know the evil gods’ strength well. Even Otou-san couldn’t defeat it. However, the land used to seal the evil god of 【Gluttony】 is still here, and the seal was forcibly removed, so it will definitely be weakened. I think we still have a chance」

「Yes, the country’s army will also be giving their all in helping us」


Orphe smiled.


「You know. I had really, really admired Otou-san when I saw him battling the evil god. I want to become like him one day」


I remember those eyes of hers.

Within the hellish battlegrounds, Orphe had nothing but a look of aspiration.


「Otou-san was really cool when he fought it then. He taught me lots of things so that I can do that too. I’ll make Elesia-chan captivated by it, just like I had been then. That’s why you don’t need to worry. We’ll definitely win, one way or another」



Thus, the two continued the re-sealing as much as they could.

They started on laying down traps so that the evil god of 【Gluttony】, who will forcibly break through the seal, will be weakened as much as possible.


They then descended the mountain.

Even is she’s the Enlight of 【Magic Arts】, she cannot win against it alone.

It’s necessary for her to cooperate with the military gathered at the town. To win, the knights will work along with the magic users.

Orphe gripped Elesia’s hand tightly. ……I see, even little Orphe has become someone to depend on.

I feel a little teary.


「Pyui (You’re all grown up, huh)」

「What’s wrong, Sla-chan?」


I feel a little embarrassed.

I’ve only ever been thinking of protecting Orphe. But now, she’s planning on winning with her own power.

I’ll just watch over her. It’s uncouth to steal the chance to grow from my own daughter.

However, if they tried their best but still can’t win, I’ll definitely help them. That is my duty.

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    • I think he himself is Gluttony as the skill is kinda similar to Gluttony in ‘Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken’..
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