Chapter 12 – Slime Kills an Immortal

Thanks to Nikola’s Sleepy-kun Number Two, the bunch hiding inside the cavern are all incapacitated.

It couldn’t deal with the ones that came after, though.


Naturally, we did check whether there were any enemies in the vicinity when we intruded into the cavern.

The original plan was to quickly escape after saving Elesia.

However, we overstayed trying to dispel Elesia’s seal.

Right now, there are a total of six heretics in front of us.

All of them are way stronger than the Hime-miko’s guards. One of them gave up his humanity to become an evil god’s retainer.


「Now then, why don’t you return the Hime-miko to us. ……We won’t let you go though. We will have you atone for interfering with our plans」


He stared at Orphe and Nikola as if licking them all over.

There’s no doubt he’s thinking of something indecent.




……He’s got some nerve staring at my daughters with those eyes in front of me. Don’t think you’ll leave unscathed.

While thinking that, Orphe spoke.


「Before that, tell me. Do you have any idea what is sealed in here? It’s not something you can handle」

「Ahaha. Of course we do. Sealed within this land is one of the evil gods we worship, Beelzebub-sama of 【Gluttony】. All because of this annoying seal! We tried to unseal it, but it’s giving us a hard time. ……If the seal was just a little bit looser, the Hime-miko will come here. Using her powers, we will destroy the seal. We were that close to succeeding, though」


I see, so that’s why Elesia came here.

Let alone completing her mission, she was made use of instead.


「……’The evil god we worship’. As expected, you are the Seven Sinners」(TLN: Seven Sins Religion, so yeah. Suggestions are welcomed)

「So you know us」

「Yes, that is why there is no reason for me to hesitate」


Without a single warning, Orphe fired an ice spear.

Her expression too was ice-cold. It was an expression I would never have imagined Orphe, who had always wore a gentle smile, would show. Strong hatred was packed into it.


The ice spear stabbed into one of the heretic’s chest, and the overwhelming force tore him in two. Even if it was used with a bow, it wouldn’t even match up with this blow devoid of prior preparation.

Without a moment’s delay, she fired off another at another heretic.

The ice spear was blocked by a magic formation consisting of three people.

However, Orphe was not perturbed in the least. Since one shot wasn’t enough, she created tens of ice spears around all of them, and fired them simultaneously.

On top of that, she did that consecutively.

Ice spears rained on them incessantly.

There was no way to defend against that. The formation broke, and the casters were all skewered.


「Fuhahahaha, amazing, amazing. You are one terrifying little sorcerer. I’ve never seen one as strong as you」


The leader of the heretics was the only one who laughed as Orphe created corpses out of five of them.

He is not unwounded.

Countless spears pierced through his body.

……However, that itself is strange enough.

Orphe’s ice spears surpass the speed of sound. If a human body gets hit by one of that, it wouldn’t just end with a hole. The body would burst and scatter.


「Are you even human?」

「I am, of course I am. However, I am blessed by the gods, soooo. Ehehehehe, oh what a glare you’re giving me. You, do you have some kind of grudge against us?」

「Shut up」


An ice spear pierced into his face.

No matter how you look at it, it should be fatal.

However, the man kept laughing.


「Ah, an elf. That blond hair and those 【Jade Eyes】, that means you’re one of the Wind Protectors. A survivor of the people who sealed Satan-sama of 【Wrath】 away. You must really hate us, really frustrated, aren’t youー?」


The man pulled a spear out.

The wound caused by it was healing.


「Ah, it was regrettable though. If only that annoying great sage, that Merlin Enlight wasn’t there, our god would have been free. Fufufu, ah, yes. So you are the lone survivor. Merlin Enlight’s foster daughter, was it? That magic power, that magic art, no wonder. Ehehe, what good fortune I have, for me to meet the beloved daughter of the man I hate, hate so much. If we feed you alive to our god, that man would definitely writhe in agony, even in hell」


The man walked towards us slowly.

He continued on, despite ice spears piercing through his body. With every step, his wounds heal.


He’s quite confident in his own power.

Orphe’s face was painted in fluster.

Orphe’s forte is fire. Her flames might even burn this immortal man to ashes.


However, we are currently in a narrow cavern.

Flames enough to burn him to nothing will deplete the oxygen in here. If that happened, he won’t be the only one dead.

The man kept walking, one step at a time, as if to tease Orphe.

Nikola took a step forward.


「Cover your ears. ……Don’t you dare come close to Orphe-nee!」


She then pressed on the rapid-fire trigger of the cane.

Huge silver bullets shot out one after another.

Those aren’t just normal bullets. Those are magic bullets, filled with magic power.


Even that man would be smashed into smithereens if he got hit by them.

Nikola breathed out a sigh of relief.



「Oh, that’s terrifying. To be able to smash this body blessed by the gods, I really want that toy of yours. I won’t kill your, little dwarf. I’ll brainwash you and have you devote your entire life making that toy for us」


Black threads emerged from every single piece of his flesh, and returned him to human form.

His body is completely immortal.

Nikola clicked her tongue.


「Orphe-nee, do you have any ideas?」

「I can burn him up if we are outside, but…」

「The hardest part is getting him out there」


The man purposely close the distance slowly to tease them both.

They start breaking out in cold sweat.

It seems that there’s no other way. It’s my turn.

I slime hopped over and appeared in front of the man.




I will protect my daughters.


「What’s with this useless slime?」


This body is of a cute little slime’s. Anybody would underestimate it.

However, I am the Great Sage, and this slime is an infinitely evolving one.


Killing an immortal is as easy as pie.

I activated my Skill. The Skill I obtained from the Horn Bambi. 【Horn Charge】.

It’s a high-speed ramming attack where magic power is accumulated beforehand.

It’s power is devastatingly low, though. Even if I did that with this soft slime body, my own body would be smashed before the enemy does.

However, this is not an ordinary slime body.


「PyuPyuui (Metal Slime Body) !」


One of my taboo inventions, the legendary metal, Orichalcum.

While I was still the Great Sage Merlin, I managed to create the Orichalcum which had only appeared in legends.


Cladding my body in it, my slime body became metallic.

A high-speed charge of the world’s hardest material. I transformed into a hammer shape, further increasing the damage potential. (TLN: I don’t think that’s how hammers work)

Smashing into the man’s solar plexus, I sent him flying.


「Ugh, what is with this slime. Why can a mere slime be this strong」


Don’t think this is the end.

Scaring those girls is a grave sin.


「Pyui (Horn Charge), Pyui (Horn Charge), Pyui (Horn Charge)」


A Horn Charge rush.

Imagining the 3D maneuver gear, I swooped down on the man from all sides, crushing his bones in the process. (TLN: …Yes, that 3D maneuver gear from AoT. That’s what the author wrote.)

With this slime’s low magic capacity, my magic power was quickly drained just by repeating this Skill, but the inside of my body is filled with magic recovery potions.

Since earlier on, I’ve been secretly soaking my insides with it and recovering my magic.


「It’s no use. No matter how much you beat this immortal body blessed by the gods, I will not die」

「Pyui (Horn Charge)! Pyui (Horn Charge)! Pyui (Horn Charge)!」


I realised that it takes time for bone fractures to heal. Especially if they are pulverised, which makes the healing visibly slower.

I’ll pulverise every single bone of your body and make you a slime human.


「Ugh, quit that, 【Black Flames】」


Flames dyed in miasma shot out from his palm.

Magic and flames are the nemesis of slimes, who possess overwhelming defence against physical attacks.

……Well, that only applies to ordinary slimes.


「Pyuui, pyupyu (Magic doesn’t affect metal slimes) !」


The legendary metal, Orichalcum.

It isn’t just the hardest metal, it’s at the same time impervious to all magic!

The 【Black Flames】 only lightly brushed past my body before passing through it.


「What, there’s no way, since when did slimes resist magic!?」



Finally, I used 【Horn Charge】 right at his face. I smashed it until a dull sound could be heard.


「Gaha, even if you did that, time will pass. It will all eventually heal」


That’s true.

This guy was able to revive even after getting smashed into smithereens by Nikola’s bombarding.

However, there is one method that only slimes have.

I jumped over and over on his stomach.


「PyuiPyu (Thousand Needles)」


While in metal slime form, countless spikes grew all over my body. I’ll stick it in ya. (TLN: lmao just a TL having fun)

On top of that, I pulled something on the tip of the spikes.

It’s an injection, so to speak. An injection of stamina poison.




It’s a valuable poison. With this, this guy’s recovery speed dropped once more.


「Pyui (Here’s an extra)」


I then threw up lots of the familiar and deadly acidic potion.

His body melted with a sizzle as white fumes vigorously billowed from it.

Well, even if I did all that, it’ll only slow his recovery down, not kill him.

Though, every single bone in his body is now crushed, with poison coursing through his veins, and his body dissolving from the acidic potion. He won’t be able to move for a while.

Now we just need to finish him off.


「This f*cking slimeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you, I will kill youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu」

「Pyupyuui (Now, the finisher)」


I will finish him off with something only slimes can do. I cancelled metal slime mode.

I found his right arm which flew off somewhere and had not healed.

The black strings were trying to pull it back to where the guy was.

I won’t let that happen though. I then bit into it.


Chew, chew. It’s quite spicy. Probably because of the evil god’s powers are mixed into it. It has quite the consistency to it though. Munch, munch.

Gulp. Uun, it tastes bad. Heretic flesh smells really bad.

Well, it’s just as I expected. He can’t regenerate it if it is eaten.

Looking at me finishing my meal on his right arm, despair coloured his eyes.

It seems that he finally realised his death is approaching.


「Uh, no way. There’s no way this immortal body can die」



I sunk my teeth into his boneless leg, still attached to his main body. Munch munch, chew chew.

It’s a little hard to digest so I didn’t bite off too much of it. I steadily start to eat every last part of him.


「S, Stop, please, stop. Please forgive me. I’ll do anything. Please, I beg of you. Please don’t eat me」


As if there are idiots who’d actually listen.

You spouted some pretty thoughtless remarks at my cute little daughters.

As a father, there is no way I’d forgive you. Munch munch, chew chew.

This man’s probably quite high-leveled. I can feel myself getting stronger.

On top of that, I’ve gotten a pretty suspicious Skill. Munch munch, chew chew.


「To think that the crystallisation of our wisdom, our tens of years of research would be eaten up by this uncivilised monster」

「Pyupyu~(This is really hard to digest)」



Oh, he broke.

Well, that’s understandable, seeing that he’s being eaten alive by a slime.

Precisely because he believed he wouldn’t die after receiving the god’s power, the mental devastation is more overwhelming when he actually feels death creeping up on him.


「Hiii, hiii, to think that I, who received the god’s power, would end up eaten by a mere slime. However, my job here is done. This blood which contains the god’s power is flowing all over this soil. And six people at that! Very soon, 【Gluttony】 which is sealed here shall rise again. Kuhihihii, He will devour you and every single human that exists in this world」


Yeah, I know.

I’ve already realised.

You have already won this battle.


However, only you have been dealt with.

Only the top brass should have received powers akin to immortality.

I will not let a single one of you escape. The only work I hadn’t finished while I was alive is to annihilate the Seven Sins Religion.


「Fear, grieve, and I will be watching, laughing at your demise」


Those were his last words.

I swallowed the last bit down.

Ugh, I 【Absorbed】 too much. They’re really bad for digestion.

My body is overflowing with power.

My statuses all rose, and I even gained some Skills. 【Evil God’s Aura】. It’s not a Skill I really want to use. It’s bad for my daughter’s education, after all.





Orphe and Nikola both rushed over.


「Are you alright? Is your stomach okay eating such weird things?」

「……Sla, you used the Orichalcum Tou-san made. Tell me how you used it. Magic is ineffective on it, it’s way too hard, so it should be impossible to process it, but if I examine you, I might be able to one day process Orichalcum. If I succeed, I could make all those things I gave up on」


Putting Orphe aside. That’s what you think of first, Nikola?

I feel like laughing a little.


「Thanks to Sla-chan defeating that scary man, the seal’s coming back together. That really surprised me, though. Sla-chan’s really amazing」



Yes, yes I am.

As I jumped at Orphe’s chest, she gently hugged me, and caressed me. Aah, I can feel Orphe’s gentleness and softness. This is bliss. My hard work paid off in the end.


「Elesia-chan. Quickly take a look at the seal」

「They’ve already accomplished their mission. Orphe-sama. The situation is pretty bad. Please help me with temporary repairs. Nikola, please write a letter and bring it along with this necklace as proof of the royal family to the town as soon as possible. Within the letter should be a description of the current situation and a request for reinforcements. Orphe-sama and I will buy time until the seal is broken. I hope that the knights will reach here in time by then」

「Nikola, about going down the mountain alone……」

「Don’t worry about me. I have a spare monster repelling potion so I’ll be fine by myself」


Orphe and Nikola then started their own work.

Elesia mentioned that they will buy time, instead of resealing it.


In other words, there’s nothing that can be done about the seal.

In a sense, this is where it all starts.

In Orphe’s former home, when the seal on the tree of the Wind Protectors started unravelling, I couldn’t protect anyone but Orphe.

The evil god was that strong.


There is however a certain thing that’s in my stomach right now. I checked up on the 【Pyroxene of Evolution】.

One of my taboo inventions. There are only three of this disposable item. It seems that the time has arrived for me to use it.

Putting effort into this slime body of mine, I watched over my daughters.



Race: Forbidden Slime

Level: 12

Name: Merlin Enlight

Skill: Absorb | Storage | Presence Sensing | Familiar | Flight Ⅰ | Horn Charge | Language Ⅰ | Thousand Needles | Smell Enhancement | Arm Strength Enhancement | Evil God’s Aura

Belongings: Strong acid potion | Various medicinal plant components | Pyroxene of Evolution | Great Sage’s inheritance | Forest Rat materials | Pidgeotto materials | Horn Bambi materials | Denkul Rat materials | Needle Bear materials | Grudge Dog materials | Throck Chimpa materials | Heretic priest’s belongings


Physical strength D | Endurance E+ | Agility D | Magic power E+ | Luck E | Uniqueness EX


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