Chapter 12 – Obtained the Guild Card!

「Are you okay already? If so, let’s head on to the guild counter. I’ll issue the card there」

With Aisha-san’s prompt, I took a look at my condition, and there doesn’t seem to be a problem.
Even though I took that much damage, as expected of the guild’s medical facilities, there are a lot of skilled medics.

「Yes, I am alright.」

Seeing me getting up from my bed, Aisha-san started walking.
Seeing that I hurriedly followed her.

「Would you please sit here?」

I was led to a different counter from when the trouble happened, and sat on the chair.
It is a little separated from the previous counter, somehow I had an impression that this place was the only independent and special place.

「It seems like it is different from the previous counter……?」

I tried asking Aisha-san.

「Yes, this place is for the exclusive use for adventurers who have an exclusive receptionist, and there’s no need to line up like the ordinary counters.」

Oh, it’s true that it would be a smoother process here, and I feel that the reception would be considerably warmer.
While I was thinking as such, I looked at the counter I lined up at, and even now there’s still a lot of people lining up.

「Well then, would you please fill in the necessary information on this paper? If you need help in writing it, tell me.」

「It’s okay, I can write by myself.」

I filled in information like my name, age and address, and after roughly checking it, I submitted it to Aisha-san.
While checking the documents she received, she started talking to me.

「Oh, you live in your own house, huh, Myne-kun…… So you’re an apprentice hunter~」

While I chatted for a while with Aisha-san, she finished checking the documents.

「Okay, there isn’t anything wrong with the documents, wait for a while and I’ll make your card for you.」

She returned the documents and disappeared into the back of the room.
「O, oi? Did you see that…… Aisha-san, became that youngster’s exclusive receptionist right?」
「Eh? Seriously? That’s not possible, right? She never agreed no matter how high-ranked an adventurer begs?」
「But, only adventurers who have exclusive receptionists can process at that counter right?」
While I was waiting, when I tried listening on the other adventurers’ conversation, I learned that Aisha-san is quite the famous receptionist.
Is it really okay for a beginner like me…… although the person herself doesn’t care, I felt really uneasy.

……To calm my heart, I appraised my own skills.

Name: Myne
LV : 7
Race: Hume
Gender : Male
Age : 15 y/o
Occupation : Apprentice hunter

Appraisal・Complete LV2 (3/200)
Cut & Paste (9/200)

Dagger・Extreme (14/50)
Two-handed Blade (0/50)
Axe (0/50)

Leg Strength Enhancement・Small (22/50)
Sight Enhancement・Moderate (10/50)

Swift Feet (Small) (22/50)
Strong Arm (10/50)

Magic・Wind (12/50)
Support Magic・Speed Reduction (2/50)
Support Magic・Sleep (1/50)
Support Magic・Gradual Small Recovery (0/50)

Cooking (1/50)
Needlework (0/50)
Etiquette (0/50)
Art of Negotiation (2/50)
Alchemy (6/50)

Something chaaanged!?

What is this, this level!!!??? It’s my first time hearing it though!?
Incomprehensible numbers appeared at the back of the skills?

I had planned on calming my heart, instead I ended up making my heart pound…….

While I was trembling at the appraisal results which had suddenly changed, Aisha-san who finished her job returned.

「Ara? What’s with the amusing look? You’re making a funny face, Myne-kun!」

…… I was laughed at.
It was extremely embarrassing. I wish I could just disappear.

「Sorry for making you wait, this will be your card.」

As she said that, she handed me a ochre-coloured metal card with a pink border.

Engraved on it was my name and the word 「F」.
And for some reason on the lower right, 「Lucas: Aisha」 was written.

「The pink border on the card means that there is an exclusive receptionist. By the way, pink is my favourite colour.」

According to Aisha-san.

The colour and material of the card determines the adventurers rank.
F is ochre, E is yellow, D is grey, C is bronze, B is silver, A is golden, S is black.
The materials for F-D seems to be bronze, C is copper, B is silver, A is gold, and S is platinum.
Since my rank is F, my card is ochre-coloured.

Also, the card can act as an identification document.
The proof of citizenship I have is only valid in the Augusta Kingdom which includes the Town of Lucas, but the guild card is valid in all towns.
It seems that it is also valid even in rural areas without guilds.

It’s very reliable, this adventurer’s guild.

Because of the credibility, Hyold whose conduct will sway that trust was severly punished by the guild master.
If I were to decrease the guild’s credibility, naturally I will be punished, so I should be responsible for my actions, Aisha-san strongly warned me.

「Then, the apology money which guild master told you about just now in the medical room has been put in this card.」

Apology money has been “put in”? What does that mean?

She probably noticed me making a ‘I-don’t-understand’ expression.
Aisha-san smiled sweetly and explained it to me.

「The guild has a service to look after the money, and can be withdrawn in any guild around the world. Information about deposited money is recorded in the card.」

I see, that means that the 20 gold coins guild master mentioned is recorded in this card.
I feel extremely grateful to the guild for safekeeping the money.

If I were to buy equipment, the excess money will be stored.

「Also, when you want to receive a request, you don’t need to go to the counters over there, but come to this counter even if your receptionist isn’t here. And, if you insert the card here, I’ll come! By the way, if you go are in other guilds then naturally it’s the general counters.」

Exclusive receptionist, amazing.
Getting along with a beautiful onee-san, and smooth guild processes…….
Others will be extremely envious of that.

「Incidentally, if a subjugation request is accepted, the number of monsters defeated will automatically be recorded in the card, so don’t worry.」

It’s certainly perfect, this card.
I wonder what kind of technology is used to build this……. (Izzy: I want to know too.)

「Well then, this is the last one. You can reissue a lost card but there will be a handling fee so please be careful. The handling fee differs by rank, F~B will cost one gold coin.」

I’ve heard that long ago, there never ceased to be adventurers who lose their cards.
Well, to the boorish adventurers, taking care of such a small thing will be quite hard huh.

Thus, to counter this, the guild implemented the handling fee for a reissue, and since then the number of lost card cases made a sudden drop.
After all, losing a card with such amazing features without reservation is unbearable, right.

I will also have to be careful as to not lose it.

Since all the explanations and procedures are finished, I expressed my gratitude to Aisha-san, and left the guild.

With this, I am also officially an adventurer!

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27 thoughts on “Chapter 12 – Obtained the Guild Card!

    • Give him a break, when he walked in he knew absolutely nothing. Now he has to get it through his head that adventurers quest instead of just hunting monsters for a living.


  1. Even though I was took that much damage —
    Even though I took that much damage; Even though I was dealt that much damage; Even though I had taken that much damage; Even though I was damaged(suggest change to hurt) that much… Just some suggestions


    • You missed who was speaking. The favorite color of the cute girl is pink.

      The original color assignments were pink for boys and blue for girls but it was felt that pink was too strong for boys so they were switched. Marketing invented the assignment late 1800s


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