Chapter 103 – Lucas’ Blessings

「Yes, I know……. The person coming to our Clan……」

My heart’s pounding a little…….
I wonder if she’s someone I know??

「It’s Amy-san」


Who in the world is this Amy-san?
I wonder if Sylphy knows her?

Thinking that, I glanced at Sylphy, but as I expected, she made a confused expression, as if asking “Who?”.

Looking at our dumbfounded expressions, Aisha clapped her hand and let out an ‘Ah.’.

「Huh, don’t you remember her? ……Well, it’s not that unreasonable either, I guess.
She’s the girl that was detained in the orc settlement, the girl Myne-kun saved」

Ah, now that she mentioned it, that might have been her name.
I’ve completely forgotten about it, seeing that we’ve never met since then and the fact that I’ve only heard her name once.

But why her?
I feel like in King-sama and Aisha’s conversation, there were subjects like shelter and message from the guild leader, among other things.

As doubt surfaced in my mind, Sylphy asked Aisha the exact same thing I was just thinking about.

「Chichiue said something about sheltering her. What does he mean by that?」

「……U~n, can we leave that until we return home?
It’s not something I can say in a public place……」

It seems to be something quite serious, doesn’t it?
I’m starting to feel a little uneasy…….

「For now, let’s stop by at the Adventurer’s Guild after reaching Lucas.
I need to pass the letter King-sama entrusted me with to the guild leader」

……Amy-san, huh. When I saved her, I’ve only been thinking about how I was going to hide my Skills from Sylphy and Aisha, so I don’t have much of an impression of her.

Come to think of it, why was she captured by the orcs?
Perhaps, this matter may be related to that.

Well, no use thinking about it.
All will be solved after we return! Let’s just enjoy the ride for now.

It’s not every day that you get to sit in such an extravagant carriage, after all!

Brushing Waffle’s fur, drinking black tea made by Sylphy…….
……Flirting with the three of us.

As we did that, we arrived at the Town of Lucas in the blink of an eye.

As might be expected of a royalty’s carriage, the gazes of the people lining up were concentrated on us as soon as we entered the town, and we slowly got off from the carriage.

Realising that it was us who alighted the carriage, several people applauded us.


「「「Congratulations on your marriage!」」」


With that applause as a start, the surrounding people understood who we were, and one by one, applause spread through them like a wave.

We bowed deeply and waved our hands at the people who were clapping for us, and slowly made our way to the town’s entrance.

Just as we entered, Edgar-san, the gatekeeper I am acquainted with similarly clapped his hands and called out to me.

「Myne!! Grats on your wedding!
With this, you’re also an adult now, aren’t you!!! Dyne-san’s definitely delighted.
I feel that it’ll be hard on you from now on, but keep at it!
I’ll give you advice if anything happens! Just call out to me whenever!」

Somehow, I feel really shy when an acquaintance speaks about my marriage.
Edgar-san is the same as usual.

He’s indebted to Otou-san, so he’s always concerned about me.
He’s someone I know since I was small, so there’s this feeling of a brother from him.

「Your Highness Sylphy, congratulations on your marriage.
Although Myne looks like this, he’s a dependable person.
I pray that you will have an everlasting marriage」

Edgar-san said that and bowed at Sylphy.

「You’re called Edgar? Raise your head.
We’ll probably be in your favour from now on.
Danna-sama, Aisha and I shall be relying on you from now on as well」

Saying that, Sylphy bowed her head at Edgar-san.

Although she’s a former princess, the surrounding people clamoured at Sylphy, a royalty, lowering her head at a mere gatekeeper.

Sylphy then turned around, and shouted loudly at the crowd.

「Everyone, thank you very much for your blessings!
I shall be relying on you from now on! Please take care of me!」

Saying that, she once again lowered her head.
Aisha and I also bowed.

As we did that, applause once again resounded.

Un! I feel really happy and grateful for some reason, ……… I really am grateful to all of them!!

Thanks everyone!!!!

「……By the way, Myne」

Edgar-san called out to me.
I wonder what’s wrong??

「……What’s that little fox riding on your head?」

Ah, it’s the first time Waffle’s been to Lucas, huh.

「This is Waffle, he’s a part of our family!
Please take care of Waffle as well!!」

As I bowed again, Waffle greeted Edgar-san by dextrously lifting his front paw, even as he clung onto me so as not to fall.


Once again, Waffle’s greeting created a stir.
……Un, with this, Waffle’s degree of recognition should have been raised.




Even after entering the city, we were greeted with blessings as we passed by people.
We can’t just treat everyone’s goodwill with disdain.

Our whole family politely thanked them as we walked.

Usually, it wouldn’t even take five minutes to reach the guild, but it took us 20 minutes to finally arrive.

It was really tiring, but from now on’s the crucial part.
Let’s do this.

……But seriously, nobody would have thought that it’d be this tiring to come to the guild after entering the town…….
In a sense, diving into a labyrinth might feel better than this.

Even in the guild, the hospitality continued.

The leading part in this place is naturally Aisha’s.

She’s the former popular receptionist at the Adventurer’s Guild, and she was a B-rank adventurer.
There’s no way she isn’t welcomed.

「Ooh, if it isn’t Aisha-chan!」

As soon as we entered the guild, an adventurer said that in a loud voice.

「Oh? Did you just say Aisha-chan!?」
「……It really is her! As beautiful as usual, aren’t you!!」
「Wait, is she becoming a receptionist again!? Seriously? Yasss!」 (TLN: no idea how to translate yatta here. woohoo? oh yeah? suggestions please)
「……You idiot, don’t you know that Aisha-chan’s married?」

「「「「What did you just say ! ! ! !」」」」

「In the first place, didn’t she say that she stopped working on marriage?」
「……Aah, you’re lying…… Please, tell me that you’re lyingggggg!!」
「My… My… goddess has been defiledddddddd」

……Rather than call this a welcome, it’s more of chaos, isn’t it.

Well, I knew what kind of place the Adventurer Guild is, but…….
The situation becoming this chaotic…….

Within the uproar, an outrageously loud voice resounded in the guild.

「You guys! Shut the hell up a little, won’cha!!!」

……Err, you’re the loudest one here though…….
I wonder whose voice it is. I feel like I’ve heard it before…….

The adventurers who were crowded in the lobby separated neatly into two.

At the end of the path made from the separation was the owner of the voice.
Yes, in a bad mood, the guild leader stood in a daunting pose, arms folded, as he scowled at us.


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