Chapter 101 – Side Story・Sylphy’s Request <Bottom>

「……I’ve seen this ceiling before」

This place is one of the rooms of the Silver Bell Pavilion, a high class inn located in the Labyrinth Town・Adol, where I had once stayed in with Aisha.
Furthermore, it was the exact same room, so of course I have seen it before.

And this time, the person sleeping completely naked beside me is…… my other wife, Sylphy.

With her strong desire, we came to the Town of Adol on a date.
And thanks to her strong desire again, we are lodging in this high class inn・Silver Bell Pavilion.

It’s because she kept saying that she wanted to experience herself what Aisha, who is also my wife, experienced.
She’s surely satisfied with this, right? (TLN: Nope. Thanks to her, 600+ lines ahahahahahha *cries*)

In order to wake myself up completely, I let out a “Mnnー” as I stretched, while I was looking at Sylphy’s sleeping face.

Aisha is the cute type of beauty, but Sylphy is the cool type.

Sensing the gap between her usual form with her sometimes mumbling, as if sleep-talking, I feel that she’s adorable.
As I thought that I really have such a beauty as my wife, I feel a little happy.


……Now then, let’s take my morning routine bath.

In order not to wake her up from her good sleep, I slowly slipped out from the bed.
When I was slipping out, I turned over the bed cover a little, and Sylphy’s upper half was exposed.

I’ve seen enough yesterday night, but I reflexively gulped as I was entranced.

The tempered body of the Princess Knight is of a splendid proportion, you could say that it’s a work of art, so to speak.

「No, no, I can’t look!!Let’s quickly enter the bath」

I can’t feel like doing it so early in the morning! That being the case, I hurriedly jogged to the bath.

Because the Silver Bell Pavilion is a high class inn, its bath uses a magic tool to heat it up and retain that heat.
For that reason, baths in rooms with guests are constantly heated. (TLN: No need for electricity bills. I want)

It really helps in times like this when I urgently need to enter the bath.
My house’s needs time to heat up, after all.

Pouring hot water starting from my head, I scrubbed my body clean.
I washed away the image of Sylphy’s naked body in my mind along with the dirt on my body.


I somehow calmed down, and decided to soak in the bath until my shoulders.
……Come to think of it, the last time, this is when Aisha barged in here.

「Danna-sama! Good morning!! I’ve come to rinse your back!」

……Aah, as I expected.

Although we often have sex, aren’t you a little too bold now, Sylphy-san?




In the end, even though I tried to dampen my enthusiasm, it was all in vain…….

As always, we were just barely in time for breakfast and ate it while I was immersed in self-loathing.
On the contrary, Sylphy is eating as she hummed in a good mood.


Aah, the surrounding gazes hurt…….

「……Sylphy, let’s go to the Dungeon once we finish eating」

「Yeah! I’m really looking forward to it!」

After finishing our meal, we thanked the proprietress before departing from the Silver Bell Pavilion, and decided to head for the Dungeon of Strength.


As we reached the entrance of the dungeon, just like last time, there was a knight at the reception.
It seems that the knight is different from the one from before.


Looking at Sylphy’s face, the knight stood at attention in a fluster, and called out to her.

「Your Highness Sylphid!」

「Aah, good work. You don’t need to be so respectful of me, you know?
I’m already married and not a princess anymore, after all」

Though she said that, from the knight’s perspective, it’s not unreasonable to respectfully obey her.
We’ll have to quickly enter and relieve the knight of his anxiety.

「Good afternoon! Is it alright for us to enter?」

Just like before, we filled in the form at the reception and handed it over to the knight.

「……I have accepted it, please take this」

Receiving a metal plate, we have finished our preparations to enter.
When I tried to call out to Sylphy, “Now then, let’s go in,” the knight called out for us to stop.

「Your Highness, if it is alright, we would like to send a bodyguard along……」

Aah, I see.

Before this, it was just me and Aisha, so there wasn’t sych a request.
However, if I’m with Sylphy, then this is natural, isn’t it.

Even if she is called the Princess Knight, Sylphy is still a part of the royal family.
While it may be true that she has married, in actuality, it isn’t something so simple.

From the knights’ point of view, if some kind of accident happens, if in the unlikely even that something happens to Sylphy, it will become a disaster.
The request for the bodyguard is in a sense a matter of course.

「No, I appreciate it, but it’s not needed. There won’t be any problems with just me and Danna-sama」

Even though Sylphy clearly rejected him, the knight refused to back down as he said 「Please」.
The dialogue continued for a while, but in the end, the knight reluctantly backed down at Sylphy’s angry look.

「……I’m finally on a date with Danna-sama, so why must I go with a bodyguard」

As she muttered that, I grasped Sylphy’s hand and we stepped into the labyrinth.



#Dungeon of Strength, 1st Floor


We arrived at the 1st floor’s boss room in the blink of an eye.

Sylphy instantly killed the slimes that appeared.

I didn’t participate in battle, and did nothing but gather “Continuous-type Skills”. (TLN: Author didn’t call it continuous type, but slight-type. Why slight? Because the descriptions of the continuous skills are “become slightly stronger” etc. That slight is what the author focused on, weirdly enough. For now, I’ll call it continuous type, until the reason for this is revealed in the future)

As usual, I pasted them on pebbles and put them into storage bags, as Sylphy asked me.

「Danna-sama, those pebbles are?」

「Aah, I temporarily paste the Skills I cut onto them」

「……Fumu, I see! Mn? Come to think of it, those stones are placed in the bath, right?」

As expected, she noticed the existence of the pebbles.
……Well, of course you’d have questions when there are pebbles placed in the bathroom.

Aisha surely noticed them as well.

I explained to her what a continuous-type Skill is, and how I put in hot water into the bath.

「!! Such Skills exist!?」

Well, of course she’d be surprised.
Even I was surprised when I first saw it…….

I handed a pebble with 【Continuous: Water】 on it to Sylphy.

「Here, this」

「It, it’s real!? Water’s gradually coming out from it!!
Is this…… the so-called magic water?
I thought that it was certainly water Danna-sama made with a Skill, but……」

Ending our conversation, we rushed into the boss room.


Name: Exusia・Slime
Race: Slime family
Gender: None




The moment we entered the boss room, Sylphy aimed at the boss and broke into a run.

Aah, you don’t need to go that far to imitate Aisha!
I stole its ability in a panic, and pasted it onto a pebble.

You might as well drop an item for me!
Before Sylphy defeated it, let’s deal a blow.

If I do that, we might get something good with 【Probability】.
I picked up a pebble, and launched 【Finger Bullet】 at the Exusia Slime.

At the same time the pebble hit it, I could see Sylphy using 【Martial Art: Sharpness Sword】.

Ah, it died…….
It was a one-hit knockout, huh.

Well, that’s natural, I guess, seeing that she used such a strong weapon like Linus Sword to activate 【Martial Arts: Sharpness Sword】.

Hm? …… Wait a minute, Linus Sword?

「How’s that! Danna-sama! I defeated the boss in one hit!」

Throwing out her chest a little in pride, Sylphy sent a smile and called out to me.

「Un, I saw it! You were really cool!!」

While saying that, I ran up to Sylphy.


Saying that, she held “Exusia Oil” and “Exusia Cape” in both hands and showed them to me.

Un, 【Probability】 probably had a hand in this, right?
With this, I can hand “Exusia Cape” over to both Aisha and Sylphy!

「Sylphy should take both of them!
Share and use the oil together with Aisha, okay?」

「Yeah, I understand!」

「By the way, Sylphy, I forgot to say it, but…….
That Linus Sword actually has an exclusive martial art attached to it.
It’s called 【Martial art: Sacrifice・Zwei】」


For some reason, Sylphy happily swung Linus Sword around.

It’s a drop from the Troll Gazer after all…….
It’s originally a monster which is defeated by an aliance.

Well, I guess it being a first-class weapon is natural in a sense.

「Yosh, Danna-sama! Let’s go on to the next one, the next one!!」

Sylphy’s strangely excited, isn’t she…….

「Un, well then, let’s go to B1」


#Dungeon of Strength, B1


Other than gathering Skills, there’s nothing profitable in our journey on this floor as well.
Let’s quickly head towards the boss room.

If we’re lucky, we might get another Speed Shoes!
In that case, I can also use it.

Such being the case, we proceeded to the boss room by brute force.

The last time, there was Aisha as the main long distance attacker, and there’s the fact that it was our first time here, so we proceeded cautiously, but this time, my partner is Sylphy, who fights in close-combat.
While using 【Presense Detection・Large】, we ran quickly and if there was a response from an enemy, we would floor it.

We even got close to a power ogre the moment it used 【Rock Crash】, and killed it instantly with martial arts, so it wasn’t anything miraculous. (TLN: Author renamed it from slash to crash)

My Lightning Edge and Sylphy’s Linus Sword are labyrinth weapons, so they have overwhelming power.

「Phew, as expected, I’m a little tired」

「……Yeah, we’ll be at the boss room in a while, so let’s take a little rest there」

After a few minutes, we fortunately did not clash with monsters, and finally arrived at the boss room.

……Huh? Somehow, this feels like deja vu.

「Hm? Danna-sama…… a lot of people are gathering here for some reason?」

As I took a look around…… who I found was…… Cass-san from “Soaring Sandstorm”.

Does that mean, that they haven’t gotten any Speed Shoes since then!?
Wait a minute? It’s been quite a while since then, you know?

Cass-san who noticed us coming here called out to us.

「Oh? The lad from before and…… Hm? If isn’t Miss Princess Knight?
Why’s a princess in such a place? And how’s Aisha?」(TLN: Yup. He used casual speech.)

Cass-san rapidly fired me some questions.
Well, you’d normally be surprised, though not to the level of the knight at the entrance……

「Hm, Cass-dono, huh?
Come to think of it, Aisha said that you came here to get Speed Shoes……」

As Sylphy said that, Cass-san frightening face distorted even more.

「Aah, we seem to be really unlucky.
……We never encountered a Cocka・Grice.
It’s almost a month since we were in here, huh……」

……Aisha said that there is no need to care, but it really feels awkward.

His Clan members also seem to be less spirited than before.

「Is Missy and this lad aiming for the boss? It seems like there’s only the two of you again, though……」

「Yeah, our aim is to proceed until the boss on the next floor」

As Sylphy said that, Cass-san shouted.

「What did you say!!? The boss on the next floor is…… a Troll Gazer, right!?
Missy, are you insane? That guy isn’t something you can just somehow manage to beat with cheap tricks, you know!?
If you don’t exterminate it in one go with overwhleming power, it’ll immediately recover.
It’s absolutely impossible with just two people!!! It’s impossible to even attempt it」

「No, well, the last time Danna-sama and Aisha defeated it with just the two of them, you know?
This sword is proof of that, it’s a drop from the Troll Gazer」


After Cass-san sent a fleeting glance at Linus Sword, he looked at me with astonished eyes.
Uu, I feel a little uncomfortable…….

「What in the world are you…… Hm? Wait, did you just say Danna-sama? You’re married, Missy?」

「Aah, Aisha and I were just married to Danna-sama.
Also, we established a Clan with the three of us. Best regards, Cass」 (TLN: How weird it’d be if I translated it as ‘husband’ instead of Danna-sama. “Aisha and I were just married to our husband.” ….. …… ….. What?)

「……Taking the Sacred Bow and Princess Knight as wives, you say?
……Good work having Alto and the King to approve of you」

……Aah, I see.
If they had been shutting themselves up in here for a month, then it’s not strange that he doesn’t know about our marriage.

「Aah, Cass should quickly find a good wife and get married.
Marriage is good, you know, since your body and soul will be enriched!」


Huh? If I remember correctly, Cass-san is 33 years old, but it seems that he’s single. (TLN: WIZARDDDD)
Saying that plainly……Sylphy, isn’t that statement bad?

He seemed to have let out a “Guh”, so isn’t he bothered about it?

F, forr now, I should change the topic!

「Since you seem to be taking a break, will it be alright for us to enter first?」

「……Yeah, I don’t mind.
This happened before, so I think it’ll be alright, but be careful.
I’ve seen many who lost their lives due to their pride」

「Yes! Thank you very much!」

I thanked him spiritedly, gripped Sylphy’s hand and headed towards the boss room with quick steps.
And then, with a soft voice

「……Sylphy, you can’t do that! Cass-san might be worrying about marriage, you know?」

「Hm? Is he? Yeah, it certainly seems like it.
No, sorry, I seem to have been a little too ecstatic……」

The “Soaring Sandstorm” looked at us with eyes as if saying ‘Don’t say unnecessary stuff’.

While apologising in my mind, we rushed into the boss room.


Name: Cocka・Grice
Race: Bird family
Gender: –


Flying Feather



I’m really sorry, Cass-san.

「Hm? Isn’t that guy the one Cass is aiming for?」

Yes, no doubt about that.

For now, let’s steal its Skill and Abilities.

「I’ve already stolen its troublesome Skills, so we can go at it whenever」

「Understood, Danna-sama」

Saying that, Sylphy readied her Linus Sword.
Just like before, I’ll take the initiative with magic.

「Well then, Sylphy. Rush into it after I preemptively attack it with magic, okay?」


Activating 【Sorcery Extremity LV2】, I threw 【Magic・Fire】 at it just like before.

After 【Magic・Fire】 landed on it, Sylphy charged at the enraged Cocka・Grice.
Sylphy’s body shone with a pale light from the activation of a Skill.

The Cocka・Grice brought down its sharp beak, but intercepted it with Linnus Sword without dodging it.

「Eat this! 【Martial Art: Sacrifice・Zwei】!!!」

With Sylphy’s shout, an emerald green light shone from the Linus Sword, the Cocka・Grice’s face including its beak was cut right in half.
The fight didn’t end with just that, as the sword which had been raised overheard fell downwards at a high speed, and hit the base of the throat.

As a result, the part above its body and neck was cut, and its large body tumbled down along with a wham.

「……It’s my first time seeing Sylphy seriously fight, but it’s different from what I thought……」

Un, I thought her fighting style would be more magnificent, but if I had to say, then it gives off an image of brute force.
You could even say that she fights by relying on Skills, but rather than me, she has the basics of combat so she doesn’t have wasted movements.

Let’s memorise the way she moved her body.
It’ll surely be useful to me.

「How’s that! Danna-sama! I defeated it!」

With a wide smile, she waved her hand at me.

「Un, good work! As expected of the Princess Knight!」

Hearing my words, Sylphy showed me a delighted smile.
It’s really a great smile! I’m liking her more and more!!

While thinking such a thing, I stored the Cocka・Grice’s corpse.

Then, the important drops…….

It dropped…….

Name: Ciel Soulier
Agility: +25
Grade: Ultra
Attribute: Wind
Special Effects: Movement Speed 3 Up
Air Walk

Moreover, there’s two of them…….
【Probability LV2】 is incredible.

Ah, wait a minute.

We now have three Ciel Soulier’s, which means that the Speed Shoes Aisha has is unnecessary now, right?
……I wonder if I should sell it to Cass-san.

Being in such a place for one month was probably mentally rough on them.

Un, once we defeat the next boss, the Troll Gazer, I’ll try talking.

「Yosh, the next one will be the last! Let’s do our best without losing our focus」



#Dungeon of Strength, B2

I got 【Regeneration】, 【Magic Eye of Shock】 and 【Strong Arm・Extreme】 on this floor.
All of them are useful Skills, and since we’ve come all the way here, I’m thinking that I should get as many as I can.

We proceeded directly towards the boss room, but with 【Presence Detection・Large】 and 【Sight Enhancement・Moderate】, we avoided battles to the best we can and I only stole Skills.

Like that, our battles are kept to the minimum and we finally arrived at the boss room.
Basically, I almost didn’t fight at all this time.

Sylphy slayed the monsters which appeared.
I only crammed their corpses into the storage bag.

However, I will have to fight with all my strength against this boss.

Somehow or other, the Sylphy right now seems like she could corner the Troll Gazer, but we can’t let our guards down.
Cass-san also said it before, after all.

「Sylphy, I will fight at full strength against this boss.
I will use the same Skill I used to defeat the Orc king, so can Sylphy become the backup this time?」

「Yeah, understood」

Un, let’s go then.


Name: Troll Magister
Race: Demon race
Gender: ♀

Ultra Regeneration
Magic Eye of Paralysis
Unique Magic・Lightning
Sorcery Extremity




What the!? This isn’t a Troll Gazer!
Is this perhaps a rare boss!?

……What in the world is a Troll Magister.
Judging from its Skills, it’s probably a magic using type of troll?

This is extremely bothersome.
I feel that I’ll have a hard time getting close to it, let alone fighting in close combat, and it seems like I won’t be able to move if I receive the Magic Eye of Paralysis.

This is difficult, I won’t win if I go at it directly…….

Well, for now, let’s steal its Skill. (TLN: This is surely the most repeated line ._.)
As long as I steal its Skills, then it won’t be much different from a Gazer.

「……Sylphy, that seems to be a rare boss.
I Appraised it, and it’s a Troll Magister」

「……I’ve never heard of it」

「For now, I’ll go」

I confirmed that Sylphy took some distance, and I used my Skills in one go.

【Body Enhancement・Large】【Arm Strength Enhancement・Extreme】【Leg Strength Enhancement・Small】【Strong Arm・Extreme】【Strong Arm・Saint】【Strength Rise】

My whole body was enveloped in light like a pale flame.

I then created Twirling with 【Realize】, and started running towards the Troll Magister immediately.

The Troll Magister who noticed me was probably trying to use its Skills.
As nothing happened when it rose its arm overhead, its movements stopped.

I activated 【Magic Eye of Shock】, and when my opponent was staggering, I rushed into its bosom in one go.

「Eat this! Martial Art: Shark Glow!!」

Just like the Troll Gazer, a loud explosion sound resounded, and it was cut up right in half.

Looking at Twirling which disappeared along with some light, I then stored the Troll Magister’s corpse.

「Phew, I wonder if His Highness Lewis will buy this?」

While muttering such a thing, I checked the dropped items.


Name: Linus Fork
Attack: + 60
Grade: Ultra
Attribute: Light
Effective against: Ghost
Martial Art: Rominias・Impact (TLN: Rominiasu Inpakuto. Any suggestions?)


……It’s an ultra grade pike. (TLN: But you called it a fork D:)
This also has an exclusive martial art, huh.

I don’t have anyone who uses a spear within my family.
Let’s just put it away for now.

「Phew, thank you for your hard work!」

「……Your power’s as terrifying as usual…….
I thought that I was a little closer to Danna-sama, but…… I still have a long way to go」

For now, we’ve achieved our goal.
Let’s stop by Cass-san’s place and return to the inn.

Since we’re staying over in the end, this time, I paid for two days beforehand.




Joining hands with Sylphy, we walked to the Silver Bell Pavilion.

……For some reason, the people of “Soaring Sandstorm” with Cass-san leading them are following us in succession from behind.

After that time, we moved to a place a little further from B1’s boss room with 【Unique Magic・Space-time】, and when talking about selling Speed Shoes to Cass-san, he gratefully accepted it to the point of surprise.

Before long, we arranged for them to come get it at my house in Lucas, and we separated…… or so we were supposed to…….

The people from “Soaring Sandstorm” who heard that they don’t need to hole themselves inside the dungeon anymore escaped the dungeon with us.

When we said that we will be returning to the Silver Bell Pavilion, they started saying, “Let’s stay at there too then”, and this is the result.

Cass-san probably endured quite a lot of stress as well.
He started talking to Sylphy and I.

It’s a secret that in the end, Sylphy was enraged and drove them away quite a bit.




While both of us soaked in the bath, we talk about today’s events.

「Phew, my fatigue’s going away」

「Yeah, it really is」

「How is it? Are you satisfied now?」

As I asked that, Sylphy smiled widely and said 「Yeah, I’m satisfied!」

Un, there’s nothing happier as a husband with her saying that!

After that, we washed the other’s backs, and after messing around for a while, we got out from the bath.


After getting our from the bath, we naturally slept together.
……This is very blissful.



Name: Sylphid Fortuna
Race: Hume
LV:28 (28→69) LevelUp!
Gender: Female
Age: 19 years old
Occupation: Princess Knight | Change!

Thank you very much for always reading.

With this, the 100 chapter celebration side story is completed.
How is it?

I’ll be glad if Sylphy’s cuteness was expressed, even if only a little.

Chapter 100→1.5times normal chapter
Chapter 101→2times normal chapter (TLN:BS. it’s 3 times -.-)

When I realised, the volume was already outrageous.

Since the 5 chapters about the Labyrinth of Strength from before is finished with 2 chapters,
Naturally, it became like this.

I actually thought of dividing it into upper, middle and lower, but I decided that it won’t be good
if a side story is too long, so I finished it like this.

I will return to the main story from tomorrow on.

Please take care of me from now on as well.

TL: Izzy

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    • Nah, IIRC…isn’t Troll Gazer basically as far as anyone’s gotten..which is also why Myne and Aisha stopped there?

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      • Had to go look it up, his level ended at 61 after the dungeon. Check chapter 51.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    But I must make one important correction for the sake and honour of Cass-san.
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    And the other way around even if someone is married and over 30 years old he could still be a “wizard”.

    After all a person will become a “wizard” if that person retains their “innocence” till they turn 30 years old.
    So someone being older than 30 years and being single could still have had some “adventures with the opposite gender” but the relationship with those “temporary partners” did not work out in the end. So it never came to marriage.
    In the worst case even without such “temporary partners” that person could still have visited the red light district in the past.
    And someone like Cass-san as a highly stressed adventurer who needs to let off some steam every now and then surely has walked down either of these two ways to avoid becoming a “wizard” or maybe he walked both ways – “tenporary partners” annd red light district (at the times he didn’t have a “temporary partner”).

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    • Actually there are such weapons as military forks. A trident is specifically a spear that has 3 or more prongs whereas a fork is a spear that has two prongs and of course the spear only has 1 prong. They all belong to the pike category of weapons as opposed to the Glaive category of weapons which are equipped with axe like heads. There are some pike category weapons that have a sword style blade on the end, but I can’t remember what they are called.


  3. 28→69? Holy..! When Myne fought the catfish at lvl 69 he only gained 2 levels, they must be using an exp-graph that gradually gets harder, that could explain how much her levels raised in just one day. (Even with expx10 that was a crazy level…)

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat. (^_^)/


    • He fought it at level 61 and went to 63, I think… while the catfish itself was level 62.
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