Chapter 100 – Side Story・Sylphy’s Request < Upper >

Side Story (-esque) for commemoration of the hundredth chapter.
It’s 1.5 times longer than the usual chapters. (TLN: ….This is so not gonna end well)

This started after we returned to our home in Lucas after the wedding ceremony safely ended.
It’s after Amy-san and Ari sudden sleepover ended peacefully, when it settled down for a while. (TLN: Holy. This Amy person only appeared once, at least, her name did, way back in chapter 29. The girl who got kidnapped by the orcs way back then)

「Danna-sama, Aisha…… I think that it is unfair」

As we were enjoying a fun conversation as a family while having our dinner, Sylphy suddenly said such a thing.
What are you referring to?

I have no idea at all…….

「What are you referring to by unfair?」

As a question mark floated above my head, I asked Sylphy, and she made a slight pout.
Un, it’s really rare for Sylphy to show such an expression, isn’t it.

The usual dignified Sylphy is good, but a pouting Sylphy’s also cute.
I was thinking about such a thing, but…….

Sylphy blushed furiously, and her movements stilled.

「M, Myne-kun, you’re saying out loud, out loud, you know……」

……It seems that I said it out loud.

「Da, Da, Da, Danna-sama! I’m not talking about t, that right now……」

Aisha and I waited for Sylphy who was flustered to the point of it being amusing, to calm down.
We waited for roughly five minutes.

She who had finally calmed down, Once again started talking about the “unfairness” from before.

「Phew, good grief…… this Danna-sama, launching a surprise attack at me…… *grumble grumble*.
……Aah, that’s right! Danna-sama! I think that it is unfair!!」

「Un, what is?」

We returned to the real issue at hand.

「Danna-sama went on a date together with Aisha only, didn’t you!」

Date……? Mm, mm, mnnn?
Ummmm, did we go on a date?

I don’t recall at all, you know?

Thinking that Aisha has an idea about it, I looked at her, and she was folding her arms and pondering.
Un, as expected, we can’t remember such a thing at all.

「……Sylphy, what do you mean by date? I don’t remember such a thing at all, though……」

As I asked her that, Sylphy was enraged, and her whole body was emitting anger.

「What are you talking about!! Both of you went to the Dungeon of Strength alone, didn’t you!」

Her breathing became rough, puffed up her chest, as if saying “How about that?”.

Dungeon of Strength…… That’s a date…….
I see, so to her, that is a date, huh…….

I dropped my shoulders and sighed at my extremely regrettable wife’s thought.
……Aisha also sighed by my side, so her mental state’s probably the same as mine.

「Hey, Sylphy? Exploring a labyrinth is a date?」

「Of course! A couple in love going afar, with only themselves for company.
What can it be, other than a date?」

……I see, if you say that, if Sylphy says that, then that’s that. (TLN: I can feel the exasperation in his words)

「……And, what does Sylphy want to do?」

「Go on a date with me!!!」


Thus, Sylphy and I once again headed to the Dungeon of Strength.

……Aisha and Waffle are house-sitting.

Waffle said 『I’m going tooー, I’m going tooー!』 until the end, but with Sylphy’s one sentence, “It’s not a date if the two people aren’t alone together!”, he was forcibly made to watch the house.


……That being the case, Sylphy and I are inside a stagecoach heading to Adol.
If I used 【Unique Magic・Space-time】, we would arrive in a moment, but Sylphy strongly desired to take the coach.

The time of travelling is the charm of a date, she told me.
Furthermore, it seems that Aisha and I travelling by coach is also one of the reasons.

Well, of course, even having a conversation with the two of us can be considered a date, but…….
Where in the world did Sylphy get her information about dates from?

This is extremely mysterious.

We were able to talk about various things within the stage coach, just as Sylphy planned (?).
I feel glad that we were able to know about each other more…… but…….

It can’t be helped, but we were extremely conspicuous within the carriage.

In the first place, Sylphy is the “Princess Knight”, who boasts of overwhelming popularity from the citizens.
I also came to have no doubts about her popularity from the crowd of citizens during the wedding ceremony.

That popular beauty is right in front of their eyes so there’s no way she won’t receive attention.

It’s a matter of course for Sylphy to be given a lot of attention, and the ordinary man beside her…….
The wedding ceremony only ended the other day.

Naturally, that ordinary man is exposed as the “Princess Knight’s husband”, so…….
……In other words, attention is also gathered on me as well.


I can hear their whisperings…….

「That’s the Princess Knight Sylphid-sama, right? She married, didn’t she?」
「The guy beside Hime-sama is her husband, right? Isn’t he still a brat?」
「However, Princess Knight-sama is really beautiful, huh」
「Wait, her husband’s also quite cute, you know?」
「……Marrying Princess Knight-sama…… I’m jealous of him……」

That being the case, until we arrived at Adol, honestly, I was ashamed with this bed of needles pricking me…….
Sylphy’s probably accustomed to this, as she doesn’t seem to mind at all.

Overcoming the subtle difficult atmosphere, we finally arrived at the Town of Adol.
……Un, I’m glad that we arrived!

I’ve taken a lot of rides on carriages until now, but I’ve never been so happy arriving at the destination!
No, it really was tough…….

While thinking such a thing, I relaxed my stiff body from the travel in the carriage, and Sylphy, who looked like she didn’t feel the fatigue at all, started talking to me.

「Danna-sama! Let’s quickly go to the inn where you stayed with Aisha!
There can’t be any differences between wives!
……Hey, let’s go now!!」




「Welcome to the Silver Bell Pavilion」

The moment we entered the inn, the proprietress-san called out to us just like when I stayed with Aisha.


Does she remember me? Proprietress-san faced me and asked me with a smile.

「Both of you will be staying the night, aren’t you?」

As expected of a high class inn’s proprietress.
From her response, there’s no doubt she remembers me.

It’s been quite a while since I last came, but I even feel moved in a certain sense, with her responding this way.

「……Yes, we will be staying a night. You remember me, don’t you!」

「Thank you very much for favouring us」

As I said that, Proprietress-san returned a sweet graceful smile, and politely bowed.
Such a response, we might even be coming here again next time!

「……By the way, excuse me but…… isn’t this Your Highness Sylphid?」

Aah, as expected, she noticed.
Sylphy’s really famous, isn’t she…….

「Aah, I am no doubt Sylphid, but I am not a princess anymore.
You don’t need to fuss about me」

「I have heard that you have married.
I offer my blessings from the bottom of my heart」

Proprietress-san said that and bowed deeply at Sylphy.
She then guided us to our room, but mysteriously, we were brought to the same room as when I stayed with Aisha.

I don’t think Proprietress-san aimed for this, and as I was surprised at the coincidence, Sylphy tilted her head to one side and asked me.

「What’s wrong, Danna-sama?」

「Nothing, it’s just that this is the same room as when we came here to stay previously」

「Ooh, I see!! To me, this is a happy thing!!」

Sylphy, who is obsessed about not being different from Aisha.
She’s really happy, huh.

「……I see, this room is the one that ties Danna-sama and Aisha together, huh…… It feels deeply moving if you think about it that way」

No, it’s embarrassing, so please don’t feel so deeply moved about such a thing!

Probably curious, Sylphy walked about the room, and checked the bed and baths.

「Now then, I generally understand the layout of the room now.
When you came here with Aisha, did you immediately enter the labyrinth after this?」

Ummm, if I remember correctly, we took a look around the town.
……We visited the general store and the weapon store, I think.

As I told her about what happened before, Sylphy pondered for a while before making a suggestion.

「In that case, why don’t we visit stores other than those two?
The sundries we have at home are bought here, right?
Even for weapons, we already have the necessary ones」

That’s right, there’s certainly a point to that.

There’s nothing we currently need for sundries, and there isn’t anything new at the weapon shop.
I already have the “Weapons of Origin”, after all.

「Un, that’s right! Let’s take a look at the other stores」


That being the case, we exited the inn and took a look around the town.

The last time I came, there were a lot of adventurers crowding around.
We walked around the town with hands joined from the very beginning.

The first shop we entered was a clothes shop.
We purchased cloth for making casual clothes for the three of us and Waffle.

We bought several pieces each, so it cost quite some money, but I think that the clothes we bought are quite nice.
It’s a secret that Sylphy bought quite a few pieces of underwear she secretly got fired up about.

She probably bought Aisha’s part as well…….

Leaving the clothing store, and as we discussed on where should we go from here on, somebody suddenly called us from behind.

「Hey, that pretty girl over there.
Why don’t you stop playing with that brat over there and come have a drink with us?
We’ll treat you as much as you want」

The ones who called out to use were a pair of aggressive-looking adventurers.
They seem to have gotten a little drunk.

……As expected, there’s always this type of people around.
I wonder if it’s something of a miracle that we weren’t entangled with such a thing before this?

Or rather, I was really surprised!
That there would be people who don’t know who Sylphy is by looking at her!

Even though that many people would know that she is the “Princess Knight” in one try!

……Ah, but I myself didn’t know either, so I can’t say anything about other people, huh…….

「Oi! That brat over there!! Get your ass out of here!
We’ll be taking care of that girl! Heehee」

……Ah, this is bad.
Sylphy looks like she’s about to snap.

「I’m sorry, she’s my wife.
We don’t have any business with you, so you should be the ones going somewhere else」

I spoke before Sylphy snaps.
I took a look with Appraisal, but both of them seem to be C-rank adventurers.

I can’t be careless, but compared to Carl-san who I had fought before, they look considerably weaker.


『Take care of my little sister』


I recall these words Onii-san told me.

「Huh? Such a fine woman’s the wife of a brat like you?
If you’re going to lie, then make up something more believable!!!!」

While shouting that, the drunk adventurer A punched towards me.
I don’t even need to dodge something like this!

I stopped his fist with my left hand, and crushed it with all my strength.
The sound of bone creaking resounded throughout the surroundings.

「Guoo, my hand!!」

I threw my right fist at the drunk adventurer A’s, who had been raving, solar plexus.


A groan leaked out from the drunk adventurer A for a moment, but he sank at that very place.

I called out to drunk adventurer B who became flustered at seeing me defeating his companion with one blow.

「……Will you still be picking a fight with us?
If you want to continue, I will be getting serious」(TLN: Man, being badass but using polite language sounds really weird)

I pretended to be expressionless, and tried to speak as if uninterested.

As I did that, drunk adventurer B feebly shook his head, and fell on his backside.

「……Well then, please excuse us!」

Saying that, I took Sylphy’s arm, and left the place with quick steps.

As we walked for a while and slipped out of the hustle and bustle, I breathed a sigh.

「……Danna-sama, you were really cool!」

「Those guys thought that Sylphy’s a pushover…….
As expected, I must protect Sylphy…… and Aisha……」

Sylphy unrestrainedly praised me, so I answered, looking a little embarrassed.

After that, since it’s quite late, we decided to return to the inn.
It’ll be a waste if we are late for dinner, after all.

I know that the dinner in the Silver Bell Pavilion is really delicious, after all.




「It really was delicious, wasn’t it!」

「Yeah, it certainly was delicious」

Right now, we have finished our meal, and are relaxing in our room.
While the bath is being heated up, our topic is of course, the dinner we just ate.

「……Oh, it should be ready, right?
Danna-sama, let’s enter. I’ll rinse your back today」

We joined hands as we headed towards the bath, and experienced supreme bliss.

Un, baths really feel good, don’t they!


Thank you very much for always reading.
Please take care of me from now on as well.

Well, this is the first part of a side story unlike a side story. (TLN: Well, most of your chapters are lighthearted like this, I guess)
As a request from a friend, I allotted a spot for Sylphy.

I will be glad if you enjoyed it.

TL: Izzy

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