Chapter 04 – The Plan Hereafter

Aaaannddd here’s chapter 4~~~~~


Chapter 04 – The Plan Hereafter

After finishing dealing with the robbers’ invasion, I can finally return home.


It seems that the robbers caught by the adventurers became crime slaves and were sold off.

The money from selling them were divided equally to the passengers and the adventurers involved.


Even though I helped, I still do not know whether I should tell anyone else about 【Cut & Paste】so I remained silent.


「Oh! Welcome back Myne, did you receive your Skills without any problems? 」


Edgar-san, the gatekeeper whom I am familiar with, saw me and greeted me.


「Yes, somehow I was able to.」


「I see, that’s good.」


Expressing a friendly smile, he returned to gatekeeping after exchanging a few words.



Name: Edgar・Munsell

Race: Hume

Gender: Male

Age: 24 Years Old

Occupation: Guardian



Two-handed Spear・Holy


Iron Wall



Wow, Edgar-san’s amazing.


He has 【Two-handed Spear・Holy】.

Moreover, he has Iron Wall which looks strong.


Let’s see, what kind of skill is Iron Wall.


Let’s try appraising Iron Wall more.



【Iron Wall】: Optional invocation type Skill, able to invoke at any timing the user wishes.

While invoking, defence power rises by three-fold.

A cooldown time of 30 minutes is necessary after usage.



Oh, three times the defence power, huh. Edgar-san is a person good at attacking and defending na.

Cooldown time…… should be the time where you cannot use after using it.


There’s even such a Skill, I’ll remember it.


By the way, even though it’s obvious, there’s no way I’ll cut off Edgar-san’s Skill.

I decided to only use it on evil people like enemies and robbers.


If I use it indiscriminately, I won’t be different from a robber.


After separating from Edgar-san, I immediately entered the town.


While using Appraisal non-stop, I walked directly towards my house.

It was interesting as I was able to discover skills I never knew existed.






My house is at the outskirts of the town.


Even though it’s only me living in this house now, originally it was a house where I lived with my father and mother. I can’t say that it’s a mansion but I think in its own way it is a place where I can live.


「I’m back.」


Although there is no one to reply, it unconsciously came out from my mouth.


I felt tired when I enter the house, and sat down on the floor.


「Phew…… somehow I feel tired naa.」


I was doing nothing for a while and rested.


Somehow, it has been a shocking day.


Ah, yeah, I should appraise myself.



Name: Myne

Race: Hume

Gender: Male

Age: 15 Years Old

Occupation: Apprentice Hunter




Cut & Paste


Swift Feet (Small)



Two-handed Blade

Sight Enhancement・Moderate


Leg Strength Enhancement・Small


Art of Negotiation




The three people I used Cut on during the battle were different from those guys so I Cut some Skills which looked user-friendly.

Cooking, Art of Negotiation and Alchemy. These three.


Thinking about the future, these Skills will be helpful for my future plans.


However, today I gained a lot of skills in one day.

It’s still okay right now, but it will be hard to look at the results of Appraisal after this.


The skills which I obtained in order will be lined up but I wonder if【Cut & Paste】can adjust this.




……And the result is that the Skills can be transferred.




Cut & Paste


Two-handed Blade


Leg Strength Enhancement・Small

Sight Enhancement・Moderate


Swift Feet (Small)







Art of Negotiations



Yeah, with this it should be somewhat easier to look at.

Let’s adjust this periodically after this.



……Now then, let’s think about what to do after this.


First things first, it is reality that I am able to cut off Skills and make them mine with 【Cut & Paste】.

Should I tell people or not, huh …… .


I think this is an extremely important choice.


Even if I’ve decided myself that I will only cut off the Skills from my opponents, I can’t really believe that.


When that happens, naturally, I think that I will try to avoid it.


Well, that is true.

If I imagine my own skills could be stolen without me knowing makes me scared, but I don’t think that will happen.


If that happens, it will hinder my life.


After all, it isn’t possible to live without any relationships to other people.


If it’s like this, as expected I need to keep this a secret.


Next is my life from now on.


Thanks to the traps and hunter’s tools my father left for me, I was barely able to scrape out a living, but since I’ve been bestowed with Skills, I want to make use of them.


Then, what should I do…… but…….


A job which makes the best use of 【Cut】……, the steadiest should be employed by adventurers to dismantle at a dismantling shop?


However, there are a lot of different personalities for adventurers, there may also be those who won’t pay for just dismantling.

Just by following them once, I might end up following them for life.


It might be me worrying too much, but it is quite possible.

I will pick one but for now, I’ll postpone it.


What about 【Paste】?


No, I can only think of a worker……, Even if I were to have Cut, it will take too long to become independent.


Kyakka da, Kyakka!! (Iz:  ._., Kyakka sounds better imo xD Kyakka = Rejected)


To not use the Skills which weren’t bestowed upon me by God, openly, is unexpectedly hard.

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  1. Mc is forgetting quite a lot. Just because people aren’t robbers doesn’t mean they’re not bad people, well that’s obviously. My point is, that there are probably skills given to none-humans, such as monsters etc He should earn some money, find a few people to get protection with, go to the capital and “watch” all public executions.

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    • He needs to figure out the possible range he can use his skills at, and if he steals the same skill from someone that he already has, do they just combine, upgrade when combined or just stack?

      He’ll only be able to figure out if they’re evil at first glance, based on their occupation, which these had as ‘robber’.

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      • I think the author will make he will later meet people whose occupation doesn’t really reflect if they’re evil or not. If not, he’ll just take a look at their stats and just Cut&Paste that shit. I don’t really think the plot’s gonna progress like that

        What if he meets another person with Cut&Paste? Probably the faster one will win. Or they can be friends? Or he will probably gain another(probably the antagonist from the previous ark, if any) cheat ability that allows him to bullshit his way to winning.

        But hey, that’s just a theory. A novel theory~~~ [god, that was horrible, i wanna kill myself (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) ] Clearly I have been watching way too many Film Theories and Game Theories as of late. Haha


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  3. Looks like a great novel hope you dont drop it and that you both keep healthy and happy translating im supporting you both but izzy above all hehe ♡♡


  4. he’s really don’t think become one, and the tag is harem in nu, it will become stereotype again like others
    Thanks for chap


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