Chapter 03 – The Miracle of Combination

Chapter 3 kitaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~


Chapter 03 – The Miracle of Combination

Thus, the me who calmed down…… thought of an outrageous idea.


By combining skills, the abilities can be greatly improved.


Like King-sama’s high-levelled Fencing + physical strength enhancement, each becomes more efficient, and the skill becomes stronger.


Perhaps, my two skills also have a synergetic combination.


While feeling dread and expectation on the idea and the possible result, I tried putting the idea into practice.


First of all, I appraised Gaskarth.



Name: Gaskarth

Race: Hume

Gender: Male

Age: 31 Years Old

Occupation: Robber





Swift Feet (Small)



Naturally, the contents didn’t change from the previous appraisal.


And here I used 【Cut】.

My target is Gaskarth’s skill 【Dagger・Extreme】.


As I did that, an invocation response was returned like when I used Paste.


And so, I once again appraised Gaskarth.



Name: Gaskarth

Race: Hume

Gender: Male

Age : 31 y/o

Occupation: Robber




Swift Feet (Small)





As I expected, I was able to cut off his skill!


【Cut】 is a skill to “cut off” things I can see.


I can also set the target as information I can see with my eyes (to be exact, my mind) that I gained from 【Appraisal・Complete】.


And then, the skill which I’ve cut off…….

I tried pasting it on my Skill column.



Name: Myne

Race: Hume

Gender: Male

Age: 15 y/o

Occupation: Apprentice Hunter




Cut & Paste







……It’s true! It’s actually possible!! (Super Liberal) (……出来た!出来てしまった!!)


How do I say this, I have a means to obtain skills which can only be obtained through bestowal from God.


I received an enormous shock when such an outrageous thing happened onto myself.

Is it really okay for me to obtain such power?


In a sense, I received an even greater shock than when I knew of Gaskarth’s true identity.


However, my trembling steadily ceased as I calmed down gradually.


When I return home, I have to think of how to proceed from here huh…….


Firstly, I have to cut off the Skills left on Gaskarth. (Iz: …… Aren’t you the cruel one. Why’d you take his sewing away?) (JiN: Maybe he thought that the GasCart might sew the person he’s robbing to the wall or something)

Let’s paste it onto my Skill column.



Name: Gaskarth

Race: Hume

Gender: Male

Age: 31 Years Old

Occupation: Robber






Yeah, this should be good enough.

Even if his aim is the Town of Lucas, it won’t go his way.




My job’s until here.


No, I’ll observe his attitude when we arrive at the town and try consulting with the gatekeepers.

If I do that, the gatekeepers will deal with him.


For the time being, with the solution to deal with that guy found, the feeling of tension escaped from my body.


It’s just that, there is plenty of likelihood that he’ll act violently in the carriage. I can’t let my guard down but strength escaped from my body and I relaxed.






It’s been about five hours since we departed from the capital.

Finally, what I feared happened.


Perhaps, they are Gaskarth’s companions.


Suddenly an armed group appeared and aimed for the carriage.


As soon as the people inside the carriage shifted their attention outside, that guy who was waiting for his chance acted.


「Hyahhaー, you people obediently……Uga」


……but, due to my preparation in pasting his shoes to the floor, he stood up vigorously and splendidly fell to the ground because of his momentum when standing up.


Even though it was sudden, the adventurers inside the carriage quickly subdued and bound him up.


And, the adventurers who were escorts apparently joined the people and prepared a formation to counterattack the incoming group of robbers.


「We will also lend our strength. Coachman, is it okay if we get a little compensation? 」


「Yes, of course.」


While hearing the conversation, I hurriedly appraised the incoming group.

There are eight people, and these three are the ones that bothers me the most.



Name: Rafre

Race: Hume

Gender: Female

Age: 26 Years Old

Occupation: Robber



Two-handed Blade

Sight Enhancement・Moderate



Name: Ein

Race: Hume

Gender: Male

Age: 30 Years Old

Occupation: Robber




Leg Strength Enhancement・Small



Name: Syoubu

Race: Hume

Gender: Male

Age: 42 Years Old

Occupation: Robber






The remaining two people don’t have skills for combat, I don’t think they’re amazing.


First of all, that guy who can use magic is dangerous.

I immediately cut off and turned him powerless, and pasted it to my Skills.


I also quickly removed the Skills from the remaining two and pasted them onto mine.

……Though, he has etiquette even though he’s a robber……. (TL: Exactly.)


The first who realised that they couldn’t use their skills was the robber named Syoubu.

He probably planned on using magic from a distance.


No matter how many times he used it, his magic did not manifest and it was clear he was agitated.


Next was Rafre, the female robber.

Her eyesight probably dropped suddenly.


She kept rubbing her eyes.


Seeing such an appearance, the robbers steadily approached an entered a battle with the adventurers.


The robbers were unable to use skills and as expected couldn’t fight. They were outnumbered and outmatched by the experienced adventurers.


Their real plan was to probably cause a disturbance within the carriage with Gaskarth and using that opportunity to attack us with magic and suppress us.


The robbers who were greatly overturned fell one by one.


Thus, after the battle started for ten minutes, among the nine robbers including Gaskarth, two were dead and seven were captured, and we were able to peacefully survive.

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  2. Holy crap. Can you imagine the MC’s future autobiography? How I Became Godking Of The World In 27 Days. And by that point he’ll have stolen some skills for placing sight wards on items he creates, and he’ll take the skills of everyone who picks up a copy of his book. And if he got a telescope or remote viewing skill, he wouldn’t even need to do that.


    • Yeah. I wonder if the author will ever explore that, or if the MC will just ignore how he’s essentially crippling people left and right.


    • Where do you think computer geeks got the term from?

      It’s an analog world technique used to put a page together. You take scissors or knife to cut pieces of paper and paste them to form a page. When the paste up is done, it is used as the design for the printing plate.

      Literally cut with scissors and glue with paste.

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