Slime Tensei. Chapter 13

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Whew, that was one hell of a chapter. It’s basically an info dump, but it was a good one. It was really good in Japanese, but holy was it hard to translate it. I did my best to translate the emotions portrayed as best as I could, but it probably won’t be. My English isn’t at the level of novelists, after all. If you understand Japanese, then go read it….. though I shouldn’t expect anyone here to be fluent at it. It’s best to read it in its original language. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, this novel already has a first volume published, and the second one is on its way. Links and pictures are in the series’ description page, so go check them out.

Finally, about the schedule for this series. I estimate that a chapter will be out every week or so, since this series’ chapters is longer than the average novel’s chapters, and its language much better than the ones I’ve translated, which also makes it more difficult for me to understand certain parts.

Here’s the chapter:

Chapter 13

Slime Tensei. Chapter 12

Hello there. Izzy here.

So it’s been a long time since I touched this series. I forgot quite a lot events and how I translated some terms, so I had to read what I translated.

Wow do my eyes hurt.

Nothing sounded natural. I was probably in a rush to finish them so I did not edit the sentences at all.

Anyway, with this chapter, I revised some things. You might notice that some terms are inconsistent with previous chapters. Well, some of them sounded funny to me now, so I had to change them. If you spot any inconsistencies, like if I misread something, do leave a comment.

Before I forget, the novel had its first volume out a long time ago. Here is the link to the website:

Without further ado,

Here is the chapter:

Chapter 12

Slime Tensei. Chapter 11

Hello there. Izzy here.

This is last week’s chapter. Sorry for the late update! I had to redo this chapter since the file gets erased if my lappy BSODs while I’m translating. I’m also preparing to enter university, so there might be some delays in this week’s chapter as well, but hopefully I can get it out on time. Thanks for understanding!

Here is the chapter:

Chapter 11

Slime Tensei. Chapter 7

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Last week I made a poll on whether I should make sponsored chapters or a Patreon. Well, it seems like it was almost 50%. Wow.

…Though, I apologise to the ones who voted for Patreon. It’s not that I don’t want to make a Patreon account (why would I ask in the first place otherwise?), but I couldn’t. Rather, I don’t know how. There was this w8-ben form I had to fill in, and, well, I have absolutely no idea what in the world it meant. I had the most problem with a part with legal terms everywhere, which mentioned tax treaty. Well, my country doesn’t have a tax treaty with the U.S. so what should I even fill in those boxes????

Needless to say, I gave up. I have no idea how to proceed from there. Thus, I went with sponsored chapters. On the side bar there are two donate buttons, one for C&P (top), the other for Slime (bottom). Click carefully. Also, I cannot put a sponsor bar because this is a wordpress page, not my own domain. I have no idea about programming either so having my own domain would be more pain than gain. I’ll have to manually check and change the amount. I’ve added the previous donations to the sponsored amount.

Thank you in advance to those who are willing to pay for sponsored chapters. Your benevolence is greatly appreciated.

Here is the chapter:

Chapter 7

Slime Tensei. Chapter 6

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As you might know, I will be entering university in a few months. Since I am not working at the moment, I was wondering if anyone would help if I made sponsored chapters or a Patreon account to pay for my daily necessities later on.


If you do not plan on paying, please don’t vote. I need to know how many are willing to pay. Thanks c:

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Chapter 6

Slime Tensei. Chapter 5

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Sponsored chapter! …or rather, a thank you chapter to the donors. I never expected that there would be donations. I just knew after checking my dusty mailbox, and lo and behold, there were donations. Thank you, Johannes and James!

Here is the chapter:

Chapter 5