Cut & Paste Chapters 07 – 09


Hi guys, JiN here (ノ ̄ω ̄)ノ. So, I’m very sorry bout the late updates. Izzy and I don’t have a proper translation/release schedule yet. You know, classes and stuff. Maybe we’ll try every weekends or so in the future. I’ll try not to be late on future chapters…

So, to compensate, here is a bundle of three chapters~~Hooraayy~~~!

Enjoy dem chapters~~

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These Chapters are Translated by IzzyLeBlanc and Edited(Proofread) by yours truly.

Btw, one of the reasons I’m late is because I’ve been procrastinating… Sorry

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Cut & Paste Chapter 02-04

Hi~~~~~ JiN again. So, due to circumstances, I will be posting chapter 2, 3, and 4 today.
I know, you can all worship me now. kahkahkah. These chapters are brought to you by, Sakuya(咲夜?) the original author, Izzy and NurHikari the translators, and The Great Editor which is me, JiN.
Anyway, enjoy~
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Cut & Paste Chapter 01 – Skill Bestowal

Hello~~ JiN here, presenting our first translation project,Living in this World with Cut & Paste/カット&ペーストでこの世界を生きていく/Cut & Paste de kono Sekai wo Ikiteiku.

So, this is the first chapter that Izzy and I have been working on a for a couple of days. Even though I think I did a good job(as an Editor; Izzy was translating along with a friend, NurHikari) I’m sure there are some flaws. So criticism and advice are always welcomed. Well then, enjoy~~


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