Slime Tensei. Chapter 12

Hello there. Izzy here.

So it’s been a long time since I touched this series. I forgot quite a lot events and how I translated some terms, so I had to read what I translated.

Wow do my eyes hurt.

Nothing sounded natural. I was probably in a rush to finish them so I did not edit the sentences at all.

Anyway, with this chapter, I revised some things. You might notice that some terms are inconsistent with previous chapters. Well, some of them sounded funny to me now, so I had to change them. If you spot any inconsistencies, like if I misread something, do leave a comment.

Before I forget, the novel had its first volume out a long time ago. Here is the link to the website:

Without further ado,

Here is the chapter:

Chapter 12

5 thoughts on “Slime Tensei. Chapter 12

  1. Hi, I’m wondering how this went unnoticed for 12 chapters, but 大賢者 in the title is not “Taikensha”, but “Daikenja”.

    大賢 by itself is read as “Taiken” which means a “wise person” or “sage” , but when you say “taiken” it can also refer to 体験 (experience), and 賢者 (kenja) is the more common way to refer to a “sage”.

    大賢者 is not 大賢(taiken/sage) + 者(sha/person), but it’s 大(dai/great) + 賢者(kenja/sage).

    Taikensha in Japanese refers to 体験者 which means an experienced person, while 大賢者 means a great sage which is what you want.

    TL;DR: It should be “Daikenja” instead of “Taikensha”. Wrong title.


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