Cut & Paste Chapter 55-57

Hello there. Izzy here.

First things first, HC translated chapter 55, but couldn’t finish. He had to visit our friend who is in critical condition, and would probably leave us in the near future. No, this isn’t Jin. He’s still alive and kicking. I hope you can all pray or wish for the best for our friend. I thank you on his behalf.

Next, let me clarify my translation style. There was a little problem on how I name the characters, more specifically, on the word Ouji-sama. I thought this was fairly common, so I left it in romaji. I don’t like using Prince-sama or Prince because I feel that it is pretty weird to call somebody that way, just like how I feel it weird calling a father, Father. Probably because I’m not used to hearing such formal English, but I digress. So I thought that everybody reading this would have at least heard Ouji and can understand it, but it seems like I was wrong. I apologise to everyone who didn’t understand.

However, I am not going to change how I name characters. Fairly common honorifics like Ouji, ojii, oji, Oujo, ojou, (yeah good luck with that), onii, onee, okaa, otou, hime, ou, and the like will be kept in romaji. I will, however, try to clarify it in TLNs if I remember. If I don’t, you can check it in any Japanese to English dictionary like There’s no harm in learning one or two words, and definitely better to learn more. Uncommon honorifics like Craftsman/Master (Oyakata) will be translated.

Next, if you feel like my translations are stiff, that is because I try to keep as much information and nuance from the raws. Also because I don’t have an editor.

If you have any problems which I have not addressed, please comment. I will get back to you asap.

Here are the chapters:

Chapter 55

Chapter 56

Chapter 57

7 thoughts on “Cut & Paste Chapter 55-57

  1. I think it´s fine to do it that way, the majority should be used to hearing/reading such words either way, considering how often they come up in anime and manga (sub for the win, btw)


  2. No issue besides wishing to read more. Though that is a issue I have with every novel I’m reading, hardly exclusive. So long as words to the effect of “real life issues so novel dropped” aren’t said, I can be considered pretty satisfied.

    Best wishes to your friend, hope they see some improvement to their situation in the near future.


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