Cut & Paste Chapters 52-54

Hello there. Izzy here.

We have a new tl on board! Let’s welcome HC. He handled chapter 53. Jin’s still dead.

None of us have English as our mother tongues so grammar will be as bad as usual!

Here are the chapters:

Chapter 52

Chapter 53

Chapter 54

11 thoughts on “Cut & Paste Chapters 52-54

      • Cool. Did you learn English and Japanese in a school setting or were you self taught?

        I’ve been wanting to learn either Japanese or maybe a different language, so it would be a good reference for me.


      • Ah, please disregard my previous reply, I wasn’t thinking straight when I wrote it. I meant to ask how LONG have you been learning English and Japanese (your English grammar is pretty good from what I can see).


    • I’ve been learning English since I was a kid. Though my native tongue is mandarin, I’m way worse at it. I can’t write nor really read it. Probably since I never formally learnt it, nor wanted to. English though, is my main language when it comes to reading and writing.
      I’ve been learning Japanese for about 4 years now. Didnt actively learn for much of the time. You’d probably reach where I am in 2 years time if you took an active approach in learning it. I started learning in school, though the classes were basic, like extremely basic. I then started learning from tae kims guide, and that basically propelled my learning speed. I suggest you read it too, if you do want to learn it.


      • Thank you for the recommendation, I will look into it.

        Originally, I was planning to take duolingo’s English>Japanese course once it was finished, but the volunteers contributing to it seem to have disappeared somewhere and it’s stalled at 68% 😦


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