Slime Tensei. Chapter 1

Hello there. Izzy here.

First things first, I’ll be going to Japan for a week. As you might expect, there won’t be any chapters next week. Jin is working so he’s MIA as usual. I don’t have work so I can tl. (Basically a NEET right now)

Also, we’re only at chapter 1 aren’t we. I’m sorry for the super slow release. The raw updates daily iirc. If anybody would like to pick this up, please comment to inform me asap. I don’t want to tl halfway only to know someone else picked it up 😦 I just hope that you at least know Japanese, since I’m not really a fan of MTL. I’m not dropping this unless someone wants to take over it, so don’t worry.

Here’s the chapter:

Chapter 1: The Beginning of a Fun Slime Life

2 thoughts on “Slime Tensei. Chapter 1

  1. Please forgive me for being a bit worried… but is it a good idea to start another project? While I’m not saying your translation speed is bad, it’s not the best either (though I don’t know how far the actual chapters are posted)…

    It’s just that, translators usually have a habit of dropping one of the projects they’re working on when they translate multiple projects…. as such, as a reader and fan, I’m feeling a bit worried.

    Ah, please don’t misunderstand it as me thinking you shouldn’t do so (because unless if you’re doing it as a job, then you can do what you want, that’s what I believe), I’m just honestly worried as a fan.


    • I won’t drop it unless the Japanese level gets too hard for me or if someone wants to take over this novel. I don’t have work at the moment, so unless I got addicted to some manga/game/novel, I’ll put up the chapters. I can easily translate a chapter every day, but the reason it’s this slow is because of:
      a) procrastination (very often)
      b) I don’t want to make promises. If I do put up a chapter every day, suddenly going MIA due to irl issues wouldn’t be good to the readers.
      So unless (first line), I won’t drop it, at least, maybe not until university starts.
      If I do drop a project (due to whatever reason that may be), it’ll be this one. Cut & Paste is still the main project, so dropping it is out of the question.
      Also, just in case you missed it, I won’t be translating next week because of vacation.

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