Cut & Paste Chapter 33

Hello there. Izzy here.

Cut & Paste is getting a light novel. It’ll be out on 10th June. Here are the illustrations:

Cover art

Rough characters: Myne & Aisha

Rough characters: Sylphy & Lyle


Please point out mistakes if you spot any. I didn’t edit it because…

I’m lazy. //slapped

Here is the chapter:

Chapter 33 ā€“ Commencement of Establishing a Clan

4 thoughts on “Cut & Paste Chapter 33

  1. At least the guild leader didn’t make MC cry. Maybe he should marry MC too, he’d make a better wife than the princess.

    Seriously though. Everyone just wants to use MC: princess for his semen, and that receptionist because of his future fame. Yet only the poor guild leader gets all the hate. Female privilege?


    • (Tell me if you don’t think so) Isn’t Aisha just trying to understand her feelingfeelings toward the MC, or understand him, I think the princess will be the annoying type, by that I mean she’ll try and tease the Mc when she can.


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