Cut & Paste Chapters 22-24

Hello there. Izzy here.

I’m going to apologise again since I didn’t translate the author’s notes. Not because I don’t want to, but because I don’t understand formal Japanese. My Japanese is not at a high level, and I am trying to improve it, primarily through this translation. However, the Japanese I understand is mostly conversational Japanese, which i learnt through anime, utaite covers, and a lot others. There are a lot I still do not understand, which is why I didn’t translate the author notes. Please forgive me, and if there are anyone who can understand Japanese and would like to help translate them, please do! (Helps with my JP too!) (UPDATE: I’ve added them, but they are not perfect, and might be wrong.)

A few more things I’d like to say. Since there are people who would prefer not to have notes in the middle of reading, I stopped the personal notes, but I am not going to stop putting TLN by the side, since I deem them to be important.

Next, my English is not really good, since I am not a native speaker, nor do I use it often. JiN who has better English than me will help me edit to more natural speech, but he’s busy with life, so we’ll have to wait a while.

Lastly, since my Japanese is not fluent, and because it’s tiring translating, I expect there to be mistakes, and would appreciate if you would pinpoint any weird part. I’ll recheck it and inform you of any corrections. Thank you for actually reading (I hope you did!) and to those who have informed me of errors, thank you very much.

Here are the chapters:

Chapter 22 – The Orc Settlement (1)

Chapter 23 – The Orc Settlement (2)

Chapter 24 – The Orc Settlement (3)

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