Cut & Paste Chapters 19-21

Hello there. Izzy here. Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m happy that I can post these chapters for you, because… I have no one to spend it with q.q

So, to my fellow comrades, enjoy the chapters, and to you riajuus out there, explo– is what I would like to say, but Happy Valentine’s Day! …. *sobs in corner*

Here are the chapters:

Chapter 19 – C Rank Adventurer, Lyle

Chapter 20 – This is bad, I might be exposed!?

Chapter 21 – Farewell, Adventurer’s Guild


9 thoughts on “Cut & Paste Chapters 19-21

  1. Yeah!!! *stomps floor and a malicious bloody red colored overlapping magic circle with a creepy altar and burning torches with pitchforks aranged in a pattern apeared!* Lets curse em fellow kindred! *weaves hand signs while making middle fingers in between and chants*



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